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1/31/2020 - Some basic character notes to get things sorted out for my next capture attempt. No biggie.

Character Count: 915

The Pebble
  • A Golett (obviously), constructed as a secret weapon, powerful when compared to other Goletts
  • (Maybe forged with Everstone-infused clay, to prevent evolution in favor of constantly-building power condensed and folded in on itself)
  • Largely emotionless (Aside from hard-wired bouts of “rage” perhaps)
  • Gives off an uncanny aura
  • Iron Fist ability
  • Ex-Plasma scientist, discarded some time before their eventual downfall and dispersal
  • Still bitter about it; sees her former superiors as fools who didn’t appreciate her research
  • Seeks to pick up Team Plasma’s “pieces” (schematics, data, etc.) in order to suit her own needs—and uses The Pebble to assist her to those ends
  • Hasn’t thought in the long-term as to what “her own needs” actually are, besides retroactively giving a middle finger to the already-dead organization—maybe starts to act as a force of good as the series(???) progresses, to fuel her own ego
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2/1/2020 - Some ideas for shady endeavors in Pokemon science, since I'll probably forget them later otherwise.

Character Count: 1380

Idea 1 - Artificial Mega Evolution
  • An alternative to Mega Evolution based on artificially-crafted Mega Stone replicas
  • Replicas are forged based on the type(s) of Pokemon—as such, they are unable to induce type changes in their "host" (such as Charizardite X or Audinite). They more resemble Gems or Z-Crystals in this regard
  • The longer they are used for, the more unstable they become. At some point, the excess energy granted by them actually puts the Pokemon under both physical and mental stress.
  • Most Pokemon aren't equipped to handle their power at first compared to their naturally Mega-Evolving peers—they can unintentionally overexert or overpower themselves, even without the eventual strain's interference.
Idea 2 - Boosters
  • Pieces of armor and equipment that can be grafted to a given Pokemon as a way to strengthen their abilities
  • An off-shoot of the Genesect Project, originally intended for more widespread and general use
  • Aligned to type, like the different Plates—activate whenever a move of that type is used
  • Like Idea 1, they have a caveat in that they're unstable: Too much exertion and they can malfunction, which begins to harm the Pokemon in question by forcibly channeling energy from them (like Necrozma, except the host is entirely conscious). The only form of relief in this case is to keep using the affected moves constantly until the boosters break completely.
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2/4/2020 - First scene of my capture attempt. I think I was really able to get inside the empty head of this Golett, which is good. 

Character Count - 2259

The golem rose once more from its sleepless slumber, as a hollow vigor slowly returned to its form. The dim light in its eyes was met with a glare from a flameless lantern, which dangled by a string from the grey expanse that lied above.

“Oh, good, you’re awake!”

The sound of a human voice alerted the golem, more so than the words it had said: Immediately, it sat up, and turned its head towards the source.

It was indeed a human being that stared back at the golem—a woman, so it seemed. Matted, blonde hair messily framed her face; a crooked smile carved its way through her cheeks.

“Have a good nap?”

The woman wore what appeared to be some sort of pale cloak—one that the golem recognized as vaguely similar to the robes donned by its prior masters.

“…Are you even listening to me?”

The golem further inspected its surroundings: It appeared to be in a rather modest chamber, surrounded by grey walls on all sides. A door stood firm in the farthest corner of the room, visibly tarnished by age.

Hello?” The woman snapped her fingers—the specific combination of sound and gesture instantly gripped the golem’s attention. It stared intently at the woman’s frown, waiting for any further action.

The woman rolled her eyes with a deep sigh, leaning back in her chair. “Well, in any case, I hope you didn’t lose any of that ancient mojo of yours. Because if that was you on autopilot back there…”

For some reason, the woman chuckled.

“…Anyway,” she continued, “all you need to know for now is that I am Shannon, and you will be under new management from now on. Mine, that is.”

The golem continued to stare. It noted that ‘Shannon’ was a name it hadn’t heard before.

‘Shannon’ frowned again. “Did you even understand a word of what I just said?”

The golem didn’t understand the question.

“Hm…” Shannon stroked her pointed chin, before raising a pointed finger. “Let me try something.”

Her eyes wandered the chamber for a brief moment, before finally settling on the door in the corner. She pointed towards the slab of slightly rusted steel, and uttered a single word.


In that instant, a new (but not unfamiliar) vigor surged through the golem’s form—one that focused the golem; boiled it to its very core…

It was a thorough call to action, and it would not be denied.
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2/5/2020 - After getting inspired by a certain roguelike, I decided to get started on what may be another capture attempt alongside the one for Golett. Also, I'm apparently trying out first person now. Hopefully this doesn't turn out too shabby.

Character Count: 1598

“Keeping up well enough, Matt?”

The sound of my brother’s voice grated against my ears, which was to say nothing of the cackle that followed his obligatory jab at my fitness—or lack thereof, rather, compared to him at least.

It was just one of the many differences between us siblings, and boy, were there many. My scruffy brown hair looked like a mess of dirt next to his golden locks; my voice was a low whimper compared to his mighty roar. All in all, at a glance, it would have been hard to believe that we even shared the same mother.

…Which we technically didn’t—a fact that always festered firmly in the back of my mind—but I digress.

“Don’t worry about me.” I muttered to Malcolm, though I knew he wouldn’t. He never did, and probably never would unless death stared us both right in the face.

Then again, we were on pretty good terms with death, in a way…

“How’s Fern doing?” I looked towards the ghastly huntress in question, taking the time to appreciate my own humor. The Decidueye returned my glance with a stern gaze of her own—which was mildly disturbing, given how far her head had swiveled to look back at me. Her one good eye flickered in the torchlight with a cold, intense indifference.

“Oh, Fern? She’s doing just fine.” Malcolm brushed me off; he didn’t even bother to look at his partner until after dismissing my concerns. “Aren’t you, feathers?”

Fern looked at him, but didn’t look him in the eye. I could tell she hated that nickname, from the hint of a glare she hid behind a terse nod—though, that was something I’d always known.

And out of sympathy, I’d opted to hate it myself.
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2/6/2020 - Normally I'd probably jot down some setting or character notes about now, but, I'm not sure I'll be able to muster any by the end of the day. So, for now, have Light Novel Narration Part 2: Pseudo-Poetic Edition!

Character Count: 969

I was pulled out of my pity by another, quieter sound; I figured it to be a frantic scuttling amongst the shadows beyond. I waved my torch towards it, only to be met with nothing but a rock wall that just barely met with the light.


“I think we might have company, Malcolm.” I called out to him, as I continued to scan what I could of the darkness that surrounded us. His footsteps came to a halt, and I could hear him groan an all-too-familiar groan.

“Oh, is this another one of your ‘bad feeling’ moments again?” He teased. “Seriously, Matt, learn to lighten up a little—oh, look, you’ve even got Fern spooked!”

I gave his partner another glance—indeed, she seemed tense compared to only a few seconds earlier. Her head swiveled to and fro, slowly and deliberately, as she gazed into the murk of the cave.

No, I hadn’t spooked her. She’d heard it too, whatever ‘it’ even was. That said, she didn’t seem to actually see anything, and I trusted her eyes better than mine…
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2/7/2020 - Since it's actually been nagging at me ever since last night, might as well set some more things straight for myself for that new project. Also, how recursive is it for a Pokemon fanfic to be inspired by a game...that's already inspired (at least partially) by Pokemon itself?

Character Count: 1227

General Setting
  • Vaguely similar in concept to Pokemon Conquest, but shares more in common with Kindred Fates (probably)
  • Set in an early-Renaissance-esque time period (albeit with a more modern understanding in certain aspects), possibly with some steampunk elements as bleeding-edge technology
  • Region the story takes place in is mostly covered in wildlands dotted by various small, mostly independent towns—larger city-states are few and far between, mostly built on top of vast quantities of resources, important trade locations, and/or easily-defensible positions (easily defensible from wild Pokemon, that is)
In Regards to Pokemon
  • PokeBalls aren't a thing yet—nor is the concept of battling Pokemon as a sport, beyond certain subcultures and communities
  • Most of those who own Pokemon have only one or two as a partner, which are usually either bred domestically, passed down, or manually sought out and tamed in the wild—the last is the most 'lucrative' option, at the cost of being the most dangerous (and often, the most time-consuming and difficult).
  • Those who actively train Pokemon as opposed to simply interacting with them as pets are in the minority, and are usually either highly respected or seen as a source of trouble.
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2/8/2020 - More worldbuilding notes for that second WIP. Time to get to some juicy stuff.

Character Count: 905

  • Officially organized groups of trainers, each centered in a specific location—which is usually a citystate or larger town.
  • Usually dedicated mainly to said location's defense from outside threats, but can have a role in local law enforcement or other tasks, depending on the location. (For example, a guild stationed near a mining community might assist in clearing out tunnels, or refining gathered ores). More often than not, also have significant (albeit, mostly indirect) political power within said location.
  • Rather insular in their operations—most rarely work far outside of their city walls, and as a result, different Guilds do not usually come into contact with each other directly.
  • Most Guilds have either one or a small group of trainers at the head of their ranks, who have a heavy hand in the Guild's functions. (Basically, think the equivalent of the Champion and/or Elite 4 of a League.)
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