[“Impossible” Battle Challenges Thread]
Hello friends,

Recently someone decided to pick our brains as senior refs by asking us if it was technically possible to have a battle where after just one turn the payout would be the same as a full 6v6 battle where triples weren't involved. Needless to say that it was an interesting question that Ash and I were actually able to answer... with different scenarios, surprisingly. I want to say that it took us both, at most, about 15 minutes to come up with some crazy answers to this puzzle.

The senior refs have decided that we now present you lot with the very same question, so put on your thinking caps.

The person that submits the most plausible method to accomplish this feat shall be generously rewarded for their outside-the-box thinking. We think one week should be enough time for you guys to think of anything and everything under that sun that you could possibly do to find a loophole in our current URPG system.

Requirements of your submission
1. You must have rules to your battle scenario. Somewhere in there the rules must contain the 6v6 stipulation. Any other rules [Besides Triples] that you want to have for your battle scenario are up to you.
2. You must explain exactly how the scenario would play out wherein 6 Pokémon on one side of the field manage to all participate by the end of the first turn.

As for the prizes...we feel.... that anyone clever enough to accomplish this task should be rewarded with... 

All entries must be submitted by Tuesday night at 10:30 PM on Jan 28, 2020. Eastern Standard Time. 
Please PM me (Xali) here on the forum. Only one entry per person will be considered. If you send more than one, then only the most recent one will be considered.
I will provide the other senior refs with your replies. We will then determine the winner by seeing whose response is most likely to occur in the URPG.
(Ash had some good answers, but I think mine takes the cake with how easily it can be pulled off). Also to the person who originally asked us this and got a reply, you would have to come up with an even better answer than ours to claim the prize xD

Everyone else... I await your answers! Good luck!
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Alrighty!! 5 brave players sought to find the URPG loopholes... All were good answers tbh, but in the end... one was more gooder than the others!
Click below to see their ingenious plans!

Juliorain's submission
Elrond's Submission

Soulmaster's Submission
Sou's Submission
K'sariya's Submission

Edit: So cool fun stuff: All 5 participants can go claim the prize for the challenge. There will be more challenges in the future (hopefully lol) Will be keeping this thread here for whenever we think of new interesting scenarios!!

Edit2: from Head Ref Gold: if you got 2nd or 3rd, you may claim either 10k or a Megastone of choice. The 1st placer will get both. Make sure to claim in the thread stating what you're claiming!
thanks! :3

Claiming Gyaradossite!
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Thank you~!
I'll claim Alakazite for mine~
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You know you want to ;>
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I mean... you get a cool banner after all! What's better then that? :)
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Claiming 10k, will decide on Megastone later!!
I'm claiming the 10k.
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Hi kids,

It’s been a while…
There’s a new battle puzzle for you to figure out!!
This one is for memes!!!

You have been challenged to battle by Professor Kauri and are so close to victory!
Her final Pokémon is an Unown ? at 1 HP.
Your task is to KO it, HOWEVER; there are two stipulations under which she will grant you a true victory.
1. This battle used no helds items.
2. On the turn that Unown is KO’d, the final move you use has to be False Swipe.

You must create the rules that got you into this predicament!
You can use as many turns as you like, but whoever accomplishes this feat in the least amount of time wins the challenge.
If two or more people come up with a scenario in which they used the same number of turns that meet’s Kauri’s final False Swipe criteria then the person who submitted their entry to me first will be deemed the winner of this challenge. There is only one prize up for grabs.

You may submit as many entries as you want (Like if you come up with a better scenario) but only your most recent entry will count.

So we’re all on the same starting line: We know your epic battle has gone on for several turns to get to this point.
Turn 0 for this challenge will begin with:
Professor Kauri’s Unown ? has 1 HP no stat changes and no statuses
Your team also has no stat changes or statuses. It can vary anywhere from one Pokémon up to three Pokémon (depends on what rules you choose for this battle.) You officially start working on the False Swipe criteria from this point forward.

I await your responses!
You have until next Sunday. June 13, 2021 at 8:00 EST to submit your response to me via PM.
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Here's the submissions, that I hate all of you for tbh...


Ash K.

The Grand Prize


Now.... because I hate you all for attempting to loophole my originally intended plan, I've devised an even more complex version of this.
Due to that I'm putting the prize at $15000.

Quipbot is back from the dead....
You must now face it's Lv. 1 Spiritomb at 1 HP.

In order to win this challenge False Swipe must be the move that starts a domino effect leading to the potential KO of Spiritomb.

The rules are:
1 v 6 (You can choose to have less)
Handicap-Doubles (You get 2 Pokemon on your side of the field)
Standard Rules + Helds

Additional Challenge Rules:
1. You will state who your False Swiping Pokemon is prior to beginning the battle. It will have all of its HP. The rest of your team will be reduced to 1 HP out of 1 HP. (You cannot select Sturdy as an ability.)
2. Spiritomb will be using Hidden Power and it WILL target all non-False Swipers until only your designated False Swiper is left. (The Hidden Power will always cause damage at 1x effectiveness if it hits)
3. Spiritomb has infinite Hidden Power PP, Infiltrator ability, no held item, we'll go with male gender (If you attract it for idk what reason it will bypass it every time.)
4. Since your guys were jurx with the previous challenge, the Quipbot now demands that every False Swipe you send must be a guaranteed Critical Hit... all 40 of them.
5. If Spiritomb is KO'd by something that doesn't come from the False Swipes you lose the challenge.

Your entry must include your designated team along with a turn-by-turn summary.
Whoever prepares the 40 critical hitting, potentially KOing False Swipes in the least amount of turns will be deemed the winner.
If two people meet the criteria in the same number of turns then the person who does it with the least amount of Pokemon will take the prize.

EDIT: Your sends must be legal... and only one entry per person will be accepted. If you submit more than one then your previous entries will be cancelled.

You have until next Sunday at 8:00 EST to submit entries. They must be sent to me on the forum in PMs.
I scared away half of the participants this time with the more crazy challenge. That'll learn y'all to mess with my rules!

Here are the entries!!

Ash K.

Grand Prize Award

Fwiw, I made the challenge up prior to even knowing how to answer it myself...
So I sat down and came up with an response I thought was okay and this is what I would have submitted.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

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