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Miki the Leafeon :: Chlorophyll

Amid the blades of grass and blooming flowers a leafycat lazes in the bright sunlight, curled up. Although she seems to be in a state of bliss, her mental state is far from that, with the entrance of two new rather interesting personalities. Everyone's meeting and greeting each other, and Miki has to try her best to stop herself from switching from one form to another, one moment to the next, as Naoto and Kokona start to introduce themselves, and the others start to talk among themselves.

In that mental cacophony, Miki seems to find the others' voices converging together, almost echoing each other repeatedly, and then suddenly they all go back to their own trains of thought; she feels her metaphorical grip waver slightly as it happens, and try as she might she can't quite keep herself in control for much longer.

And maybe someone would come along and see the leafycat lose her grip and start to rapidly transform.
Wade the Golduck || Damp

The sky was clear, the sun shone bright, and the wind blew gentle, just enough to keep the air cool and comfortable. The landscape? That was something else. The wandering Golduck now found himself in a larger than life clearing between the forests that dotted the central sector of the island. The plant life that populated the area was magnificent. Hardly a patch of ground was spared from the variety of colorful flowers, some of which had grown to be breathtakingly larger than life. If Wade didn't know any better, he'd have sworn he just stepped into a dream.

But Wade knew better. It would be fairly difficult to ignore the gut-churning feeling he'd been laden with since waking up at his home in the river below this morning. Something wasn't right. Was it something he ate? Whatever it was, he was determined to get his mind off of it. However, he found he couldn't even lose himself in the beauty of the Blooming Savannah.

That was, until one small distraction crossed his path: a familiar face lounging peacefully in the flora. Or, at least, he assumed it was a familiar face, having only met one Leafeon on this island so far.

"Oi, Miki," he said with a quick wave before gripping his stomach again. Suppressing a groan, he continued, "Good favor seems on you today, but there's something I can't best."
Natalya the Glaceon :: Snow Cloak

Miki hears Wade's greeting and, standing up as she does so, begins to speak. "Oh, hello, Wade. It's been a while--"

And just like that, she's gotten distracted, and Natalya takes the chance to seize control, and suddenly their shared body shifts into a Glaceon form, cutting Miki off.

"Hi there. Uhh... I should probably explain. Miki and I share a body with a few others - I think there are six of us right now - and we just... take over for each other." She's rehearsed this explanation a few times, and she's glad she pulled it off right this time.

She pauses, considering her words, and directs her gaze to the ground, which is slowly freezing under her icy paws, then back at the Golduck.

"Right," she continues at last, "although Miki probably recognizes you, I don't really know who you are... Sorry, I know this is awkward."

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