Voltorb for Cash
[Image: Voltorb_Explosion.png]
Submitting this for cash, my first one. My goal is simple. Made with paint.net, referenced various images from google images.
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I clam
(03-18-20, 09:11 PM)Fenris Wrote: I clam

It's really hard to do much with Voltorb, unfortunately. You have all it's features included, and fairly accurately, but there really isn't anything else to pick up the interest that Voltorb itself isn't picking up. Since Voltorb itself has such a basic shape and anatomy, the best way to raise the rank of this section would be to add other elements to the scene and focus on the form of those parts as well.

You put some pretty decent effort in to the effects going on behind Voltorb, and in the 'sparks' of electricity. A few areas, such as your technique for highlighting things, isn't very advanced (just a white-filled shape), but it's workable. You used some simple tools to get some better than simple results here, so great job! Now your best bet is to expand and try some new tools, and practice with them, to give yourself more options for creating the effects you want in your artwork with better results and ease.

Value: BASIC
You've made a good start here; the lighting and shadows are all pretty well aligned to show light is coming from up top, though the shadow shows it being a more central light while the highlights show it being off to the side. Your technique doesn't have much variance to it either, just being large blocks of color. Some blending techniques, or more practice with cell-shading would do a lot to smooth out your values and make things look a little more 3D.

This section gets boosted some by your color choice for the 'explosion' effects; having them be red both tells us more contextually about what the effect is supposed to be, but also goes well with the Pokemon's base color scheme. Unfortunately Voltorb doesn't have a very complex pallet, and there isn't really anything else with color in the art, so you'd need to add more elements to really try at pushing this section up much.

Narrative: BASIC
Voltorb's serious expression and the effects around it tell us that it's angry and about to explode! though because there isn't really anything else around, we don't know why it's so mad or who it's blowing up on. More visual elements to give context would help the viewer know more about what's going on and why.

Scene: N/A
Voltorb is floating in a void, and thus, there isn't really a scene to speak of.

Conclusion: This work passes at SIMPLE! You get $7,500!
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