Rocco's Stats

Money: $9,500

1 EM Mart Ticket (can be redeemed at the PokeMart for any Technical Machine, Breeding Move, Special Move, or Move Tutor Move)
1 Ribbon Coupon (can be used to save yourself the use of one of your Contest Ribbons when purchasing a Pokemon from the Berry Store)

HMs: n/a


Wins: 1
Losses: 3

1. Type: Null
2. Torchic
3. Shuppet

Null / Type: Null
Gender: G
Nature: Sassy
Abilities: Battle Armor
Level Up Moves: Air Slash, Crush Claw, Double Hit, Double-Edge, Heal Block, Imprison, Iron Head, Metal Sound, Punishment, Pursuit, Rage, Razor Wind, Scary Face, Tackle, Take Down, Tri Attack, X-Scissor
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: Starter
Experience Points: 4/7

Torchic / Torchic
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Abilities: Blaze
Level Up Moves: Ember, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Focus Energy, Growl, Mirror Move, Peck, Quick Attack, Reversal, Sand Attack, Scratch, Slash
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: Mart
Experience Points: 5/10

Lizbeth / Shuppet
Gender: Female
Nature: Careful
Abilities: Insomnia, Frisk
Level Up Moves: Curse, Embargo, Feint Attack, Grudge, Hex, Knock Off, Night Shade, Phantom Force, Screech, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, Snatch, Spite, Sucker Punch, Trick, Will-O-Wisp
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: Mart
Experience Points: 4/7

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