the quill is mightier than the sword (velo's story journal)
Day 39 - 2/14/2020
team fireforge. Popped open an Explorers of Sky ROM on a lark.

CC: 2213

Team Fireforge's story occurs in the same universe as Team Fleur Crown's story. I imagine it's been somewhere between ten and twenty years between the two - it's definitely been long enough for Team Fleur's renown to spread. Humans still live relatively separately from Pokemon, occasionally seeking them out as partners.

Player - Greer the Riolu
  • Roughly 16 y/o
  • Agate is their best friend - and when she evolves, they develop a hopeless crush on her. They find her presence incredibly calming
  • Agender - the player gender rules of the game are dumb and not valid
  • Incredibly tired
  • Suffers from insomnia and frequent nightmares
  • Dimensional Scream is a result of being displaced in time, though this does not happen to all time travelers - Grovyle does not have the Scream
  • Was part of a group of humans and Pokemon who sought out Celebi on a last, desperate expedition to try and set the horrible future right. Celebi prepared a ritual to send as many as possible back in time and into the Pokemon world. Primal Dialga's minions discovered the plan just in time to disrupt it. No one was supposed to make it, but Greer and Grovyle were fortunate
  • Celebi doesn't talk about Greer and Grovyle's other companions and neither of them ask
  • Tries to avoid fighting and use diplomacy instead. When this fails, they become brutal, blunt, and terrifyingly efficient
Partner - Agate the Vulpix
  • Roughly 15 y/o
  • Falls in love with Greer as they get older and work together through crisis after crisis - dotes on her Lucario lover and lets them use her tails as a pillow
  • Unknowingly related to the Ninetales of Mt. Freeze - he's her great uncle. For his part, he has no idea where his siblings are, let alone what kids and grandkids they've had
  • Found the Relic Fragment by random chance - dreamed that it would make her some manner of chosen one, but ascends to self-chosen one status later on when she commits to helping fix the future
  • Ten pounds of wide-eyed dreams of grandeur in a one-pound basket
  • Was orphaned at a young age, Relic Fragment is all she has left of her family; hyperfixated on dreams of becoming a great explorer as a way to cope with her past
  • Ranks up from coward to powerhouse - prefers playing support and tricking her opponents
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Day 40 - 2/15/2020
team lotus. I've never played Gates to Infinity and I don't plan to. 

CC: 4505

I think that Team Lotus's adventures occur on a different continent than those of Team Fireforge and Team Fleur Crown. PSMD just feels like it's set in a really different place, even after having fussed with the remake demo and seeing modern mechanics come into the old game. Just something in Rescue Team/Explorers that's kinda aesthetically different, y'know?

I'm not sure how much time separates the adventures of Teams Lotus and Fireforge. I'm torn because I don't want to constantly be throwing this world into battle, but I also want all three of these other teams to be at least present, albeit maybe old and/or retired, for the events of whatever PMD spinoff I inevitably end up doing.

Player - Cara the Piplup
  • Runs on rage
  • Considers Kudzu her platonic soulmate - understandable considering Mew themself is her partner
  • "I'm sixteen years old! I'm a grandmother"
  • Seriously, though, this bird has been reborn too many times
  • Sought out a partner in the very ancient days, seeking the power to protect her family and her home. She decided to go big or go home, summoning the One Ancestor and asking them to be her partner. Did like twenty Miyagi-style chores for Mew before she got frustrated and challenged them to a duel to prove her worth. Mew essentially went "lol chill" and agreed to join her
  • Occasionally behaves like your stereotypical Lawful Good Paladin - "I know more than you, do what I say"
  • Assaulted Nuzleaf with intent to kill when he and his posse fake-kidnapped Kudzu; never wants to see him again 
  • Related to the above, will face Xerneas and Yveltal and walk backward into hell - doesn't hold Yveltal accountable for her actions while controlled by Dark Matter, but does believe both legends carried things way too far in trying to restore Kudzu's memory
  • Learned a lot about helping and comforting people from Kudzu - and she repays the favor to them when the team is constantly besieged 
  • Requested that Kudzu "surprise her" with her Pokemon form - but also asked for something powerful, capable of incredible offense and defense. Kudzu also thinks that Piplup are both very cute and very powerful, so, this. Cara's pretty on-board, though she misses basic hand dexterity a lot
  • Years of grueling training eventually unlocks her ability to evolve
  • By which I mean she goes to Xerneas, force-triggers her Harmony Scarf in order to temporarily evolve, and wrestles the stag to the ground until they agree to help her evolve
  • Horrified by the way her own anger and behavior fuels Dark Matter - but in the end, makes peace with it and resolves to learn to channel that anger more productively
Partner - Kudzu the "Snivy"
  • Weird mental age flux - is the second-oldest being in all creation but when they were reborn, they were reborn as an actual literal child
  • Pure of heart, dumb of ass, fluid of gender - Mew is usually referred to as a "mother" figure but Kudzu uses he/him pronouns. Mew predates gender anyway
  • Cara is like a younger sister to Kudzu/Mew - she's their ward, but also their friend who helps them out and cares for/about them
  • Very very good at calming people down, helps check Cara's more aggressive tendencies
  • Attends an Explorer Training Academy alongside the other schoolchildren of PSMD. Most Pokemon are content to wait until they graduate to apprentice at a guild. Kudzu thinks that's a lame attitude
  • Rash, reckless, no impulse control whatsoever. Mew's personality is very similar, albeit tempered with millennia of experience and wisdom
  • Doesn't realize until a long time later why the sight of Yveltal wreaking havoc brings him near to crying - he doesn't realize that as Mew, that's his daughter, changed from a responsible steward of death into a rampaging, wild beast
  • Cara is the only reason he doesn't give up when the group is banished to the shadow realm I mean the Voidlands
  • Didn't consciously pick his Snivy form - this came from the fact that he's deeply connected to life and the earth, which befits the Grass-type Snivy
  • After he unlocks his Mew memories and form, he retains the ability to turn into any other Pokemon species, just like Mew. It takes him a while to fully reclaim the ability, however - body horror based hilarity ensues 
  • Almost faints when Cara tells him about forcibly bending Xerneas's knee to her. Cara you're gonna give your weird adoptive parent a heart attack
  • Honestly doesn't like violence - prefers to trip foes up or outright make friends with them. When forced to fight, they bring their millennia of experience to bear and become a vessel of tranquil rage
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Day 41 - 2/16/2020
mystery dungeon. I have a lot of headcanons.

CC: 1956

So, let's talk about world coherency.

There are at least three continents in this universe. One, Harmonia, is the shared domain of humans and Pokemon; two belong solely to Pokemon, being called "the world of Pokemon" by humans, since the land is sacred to [Ho-oh? Lugia? Mew? Some legend that has some relation to love/bonds] and humans are incapable of accessing them. The first continent [it might be big enough to divide into sub-continents?] contains the regions in which the events of Rescue and Explorers [and maybe GTI?] take place. The second continent is an archipelago composed of very large islands with widely-differing climates; it is these islands that the events of Super occur upon. 

The huge landmass of Antoll is the place where Pokemon Rescue teams originated. Antoll and the great archipelago of Mydria are both home to massive stretches of wildlands. Pokemon who prefer not to be governed by the rules of society live in these wildlands, hunting and foraging for food and holding down territory with shows of violence. As groups of Pokemon began to congregate into groups, they gradually cleared out safe areas, which grew from villages to towns to even cities. Pokemon of different species slowly began to integrate. Life was good.

However, there were still problems. Wild Pokemon didn't like their territory being encroached on, and responded to civilization with violence. Pokemon would often team up to clear out outlaws, save hostages or fallen friends, or deliver mail on the deadly roads. In Antoll, these groups began to become known as "Rescue Teams"; eventually, the first Guild was crafted in Antoll - a place for training the next generation of rescuers. The Guild gradually formed offshoots, which in turn began to organize together into one large Coalition of Guilds. As the wilds got less hostile, Rescue Teams were replaced with the more generalized Exploration Teams, which could choose to specialize in areas like delivery, rescue, outlaw arrest, et cetera.
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Day 42 - 2/17/2020
mystery dungeon. Headcanons cont. I start work today; let's see how long it takes me to give up on this.

CC: 1755

The first Guild was raised by Guildmaster Corviknight, in the small town of Concordia. This place was all but a tiny outpost in the middle of a thick wood a few miles from Silent Chasm. This gloomy, grim town outright refused to die despite constant storms and attacks from the wild Pokemon of Silent Chasm. Corviknight was a major factor - she protected the town from the barrage of wild Pokemon, as well as escorting people and goods into and out of town when necessary. Recognizing that she couldn't handle everything herself, but also not wanting to abandon the town as the leader of a Rescue Team, Corviknight created the Rescuers Guild with a handful of powerful volunteers from town.

Much like Concordia itself, the Rescuers Guild had every chance to die, but it didn't. The Rescue Teams that Corviknight trained were highly competent, which drew the attention of clients and Rescue Teams all across Antoll. Rescue Teams came to be trained by Corviknight, which in turn brought lots of new business to Concordia. The town expanded into a city, and actively prospered around its Guild. 

Seeing the positive results of a Guild's presence, Corviknight consulted with the leaders of several powerful Rescue Teams. Some of them volunteered to set up Guilds in their own cities for the training of Rescue Teams. The results were felt quickly. Pokemon were safer; death and injury from rescuing declined steeply, and the success rate of rescues shot upward. Rescuers were able to discuss strategies with each other easily, allowing each team to grow stronger.

Corviknight and her contemporaries communicated loosely, but Corviknight herself passed away before the Guilds Coalition came about. There's still a pretty nice statue of her standing in Concordia.
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Day 43 - 2/18/2020. mystery dungeon. It all comes back together. Thanks to a big-brained friend who proposed this.

CC: 2346

I've decided that Guild unity did occur while Corviknight was alive, albeit very near the end of her life. Clover and Laurel had no Guild to study under - Pokemon Square had no official Guild; it was included in the Guild of the relatively nearby forest settlement of Verdant Village. As a result, they were kind of ragamuffin rescuers. They still were recognized as an official Rescue Team, but because they weren't part of an official team, they weren't quite as official. Because they were literal teenagers, they were perfectly okay with this situation.

But then the events of Rescue Team happened. Team Fleur Crown took a hiatus after their big world-saving adventure, but they didn't exactly get proper peace and quiet. Like every other Pokemon in Antoll - and later, the world - Corviknight heard the legend of Team Fleur Crown after the destruction of the great meteor. Corviknight was one of many who flocked to Pokemon Square to see the the mighty rescuers. She wasn't even the only one who came to them with some sort of offer to let them in on her latest and greatest scheme. However, where many sought to cash in on Team Fleur Crown's fame and power for their own personal gain, Corviknight sought to cash in on these exact same things for a greater good.

Ragamuffin Rescue Teams weren't exactly uncommon at the time - and it was an unfortunate fact that they sometimes did more harm than good. Complex crises like a natural disaster or hostage situation weren't exactly easy to navigate for Pokemon with a lot of brawn but little proper education. Corviknight knew she didn't have long left - she was old - but wanted to continue streamlining the Guild system for future generations. She convinced Team Fleur Crown to form their own Guild - but more than that, she helped them to exercise their leverage over other Guilds. It took a lot of butting heads, cutting red tape, and even a few duels, but Team Fleur Crown and Corviknight combined their efforts to form the Guilds Coalition, a group that spanned Antoll - decreeing that official Rescue Teams must be trained at a Guild in order to be qualified for proper rescues. The pros - preventing accidental death/injury due to incompetence and ensuring that there weren't entire armies of completely untrained child soldiers running around - outweighed the cons, in the threes' minds.
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Day 44 - 2/19/2020. ecclesiastic. I love coming up with in-universe news quotes and dialogue snippets.

CC: 1662

“Are you a Trainer looking to hang on to your Pokemon? Or perhaps someone dreaming of grand adventures and feats of glory and strength? Well, good news! Team Flare hears you. Register now to join Team Flare’s Trainer Associate program. Not only will you be working hands-on with Pokemon, traveling the Kalos region, and earning some extra cash, you’ll be serving the greater cause of Team Flare. Join the Team Flare Trainer Associate program and help us keep the world beautiful, today!” - Team Flare Media, Team Flare Trainer Associate Program advertisement, first aired on Team Flare Public Broadcast Channel, 12/5/2013.
- This is gonna precede Hunter's first chapter, considering he's a peon hired thug Team Flare Trainer Associate.

“No, King Aleph Zacharie, I will not kill you. Nor harm a single hair on your head. Nor touch you, ever again. You who stole a thousand lifetimes - I instead graciously give those lifetimes to you, so that you may observe the fruits of your futile efforts. Watch your kingdom crumble around you; watch every being you care for suffer and perish; watch eternity pass and know that your closest companion will never stop hating you. Why would I kill you, Aleph Zacharie, when I can punish you with life?” - Yveltal, exact words, 10/31/1299.
- Yveltal doesn't mess around. AZ still exists in this universe. And he's actually a big part of the reason Xerneas and Yveltal don't get along - Xerneas was really annoyed about Yveltal's deathlessness curse, and Yveltal was unwilling to back down due to being pretty furious about being used to cause mass death across Kalos. I'm gonna have fun figuring out how AZ fits into Ecclesiastic.

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