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Miki the Leafeon :: Chlorophyll

Leafy paws come to a stop at the entrance to a cavern. The Leafeon they belong to sniffs the air, then continues to pace around the entrance, waiting for the arrival of a friend - or foe.

The terrain here isn't particularly difficult to traverse, but attempting to enter the cavern without any light would probably mean falling into a hole and dying.

So, a small "fya" escapes her mouth as she pauses, sits down for a moment, then stands up and restlessly continues to pace back and forth in front of the entrance, waiting for the arrival of anything that could help her pass the time. Perhaps one of the others she'd met earlier would find her...
[Goodra/Hydration @ Mega Stone (Fighting, unattuned)]

As if to answer the Leafeon's quandry, a wet squishing sound can be heard as a Goodra approaches Miki. Judging by the inverted colors, that Goodra must be Seiro. He even has a metal band around his left wrist, the orange stone he's been carrying about inserted into a notch on the band. "Oh, hey Miki," he says, idly swishing his tail about. "You wondering about these caves too?"

Green eyes peer into the darkness of the cave. Unfortunately, Goodra are far from nocturnal, and that means their vision in dark conditions is lackluster. If Seiro and Miki are to explore this cave in any meaningful scope, they'd need either a light source or a bioluminescent form. Being a Lucario could resolve that, Seiro notes, though then he runs the risk of rogue stalagmites impaling his paws. A small risk, to be sure, as Lucario are half Steel-type and boast ferrous skin on their paws, but still an experience that would be far less pleasant than the gooey feet of his Goodra form deforming around unevenness in the cave.
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Miki the Leafeon :: Chlorophyll

"Oh, hi!" Leafy ears perk up at the sight of a familiar face. "I was just wondering about-- yeah, these caves. Would you like to join me in exploring them?"

Leafeon don't particularly have any way to see in the dark, so Miki would definitely welcome some extra help in that aspect. "It's dark down there," she says, stating the obvious. "Do you have any... light-emitting forms, Seiro?"

Either way, she's set on going in once it's safe to do so - she's sure exploring down there will at least be interesting, even if it won't bring her anything to take home. She really hopes Seiro can provide some light in some way...
[Goodra/Hydration @ Mega Stone (Fighting, unattuned)]

The Goodra pauses to think for a moment. "Light-emitting?" he replies. "Well..." The green marks along his vaguely draconic body begin to glow with burning violet flame. "Would this count?" he asks. "I mean, if it doesn't, I can use my Lucario form. I know that one can glow." The flames spread a bit, one igniting in the middle of his body, filling him with draconic warmth and the area around him with violet light. "And...I think there are other kinds of light I could make, too."

With a light source established, Seiro appears ready to continue onward, a confident look covering his face. "You ready, Miki?"
Miki the Leafeon :: Chlorophyll
Miki steps back at the sight of violet flames burning on Seiro's body. Sometimes she wishes she had something similar...

Seiro asks if the flames were sufficient as a light source. Though Miki isn't sure, she wouldn't want to trouble Seiro with having to switch forms or figure out how else he could conjure up light.

"Yeah, it counts," she replies. She steps forward again, confidently taking that single step...

Seiro asks if she's ready.

"Of course I am!" Miki replies. "But you'll have to lead the way. And I hope those flames don't burn my leaves up... It'll be fine, right?" She looks at Seiro, waiting for him to give a reassuring reply.


Seiro nods, some goo dripping off his face and landing on his abdomen in the process. "I'm ready!" he confidently asserts, following the Leafeon into the cave.

Inside, as revealed by the light emanating from Seiro, is a surprisingly open tunnel. It's wide enough to fit both Pokémon plus maybe another all side by side, and the floor seems smooth enough that tripping over things or stepping on pointy objects isn't a danger yet. The sound of water can very faintly be heard from deeper in the cave.

"Well, this is a lot nicer than I was expecting," Seiro remarks. "Almost like there's another world down here."
Miki the Leafeon :: Leaf Guard
"It really does feel like another world..."

Miki follows behind Seiro. The path through the cave has been easy to traverse so far, but something doesn't sit well with her about being in an enclosed environment devoid of sunlight. She shakes off the feeling and continues.

"Oh, look. There's another way down to our right."

Leafy paws stop in their tracks as she notices a branch in the cave system, a narrower path she assumes (from the way Seiro's light casts on its ceiling) is somewhat downward-sloping. The path can only fit them going in single-file, but is more than tall enough for Seiro to fit without having to duck.

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