Rokaido's Stats

Money: $1,500

- 1 Ribbon Coupon (can be used to save yourself the use of one of your Contest Ribbons when purchasing a Pokemon from the Berry Store)
- 1 Monochrome Coupon
- 5 Rare Candies
- 1 White Apricorn
- 1 Black Apricorn
- 1 Skull Fossil
- 1 TM31 (Mimic)
- 1 TM45 (Thunder Wave)
- 1 TM47 (Explosion)
- 1 TM83 (Thief)

HMs: n/a


1. Nidoran-M
2. Gible
3. Charmander
4. Tyrantrum

Chiki / Nidoran
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
Abilities: Poison Point, Rivalry
Level Up Moves: Captivate, Double Kick, Flatter, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Helping Hand, Horn Attack, Horn Drill, Leer, Peck, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Tackle, Toxic Spikes
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: Starter (12/3/19)
Experience Points: 3

Striker / Gible
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Abilities: Sand Veil
Level Up Moves: Dig, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Sand Attack, Sand Tomb, Sandstorm, Slash, Tackle, Take Down
Taught Moves: Metal Claw
Obtained: PokeMart (12/3/19)
Experience Points: 3

Belle / Charmander
Gender: Female
Nature: Bold
Abilities: Blaze
Level Up Moves: Dragon Breath, Dragon Rage, Ember, Fire Fang, Fire Spin, Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Growl, Inferno, Leer, Metal Claw, Rage, Scary Face, Scratch, Slash, Smokescreen
Taught Moves: Dragon Dance
Obtained: PokeMart (12/3/19)
Experience Points: 3

Gawain / Tyrantrum
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Abilities: Strong Jaw
Level-Up Moves: Ancient Power, Bide, Bite, Charm, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Head Smash, Horn Drill, Roar, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Stomp, Tackle, Tail Whip, Thrash
Taught Moves: n/a
Obtained: Gift from @xX_origin_Xx (12/6/19)
Experience Points: ???

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