Story journal payout
What an inaugural month! With a total of 63 posts spread around it’s clear folks are enjoying the Journal. And I’m glad to see it! As someone who likes to talk shop about writing, it’s nice to get a picture of how different people are approaching their writing. Shoutout to bkbmb for nabbing the first monthly bonus.
I’m going to take (another) page from the Art section’s idea, namely that you can claim XP rather than some of the cashy money – you can elect to take 1 xp instead of $250 money up to once per post/entry. For example with my three entries I could claim $1500 cash, or 2xp and $1000 cash, or 3xp and $750 cash, but I couldn’t claim 6xp.
I think that’s plenty of ado already, so without further:
Luckgandor: 4 posts, no streak, no month bonus, $2,000
Gold: 6 posts, not quite a streak, no month bonus, $3,000
After: 9 posts, one streak, no month bonus, $5,500
Voltaire Magneton: 6 posts, no streak, no month bonus, $3,000
evanfardreamer: 3 posts, no streak, no month bonus, $1,500
Jack: 1 post, no streak, no month bonus, $500
Saur: 1 post, no streak, no month bonus, $500
K’sariya: 8 posts, no streak, no month bonus, $4,000
W32Coravint: 2 posts, no streak, no month bonus, $4,000
bmkmb: 23 posts, 3 streaks, + month bonus, $16,000
Hope to see you back this month too! Keep on writing on!
Claiming $5,500! \ovo/
So 16 posts are going to be split to get 16xp and $4000 money.
The other 7 posts are going to give $3500 money.
Then $3000 money from streaks.
And the $2000 from month bonus.
So I claim 16xp and $11500 money?
I think I did that right?
I think I'm supposed to get $1,000 so I'll claim that much and claim the rest if there actually isn't a mistake later.
Claiming my rockin 5 hundo ty based evan
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