[MEGASTONE] of volatile earth

Flowing lava relinquishes two treasures, side by side, both suited for the Peak's harsh environment. One seems to cling to the heat around it, while the other seems to smoke with... something deadly. Or perhaps it's just the imagination.

A Fire and Poison Megastone have spawned on the Peak!

Vincent the Scolipede (Poison Point Ability).
Affected RPers: N/A.

Long wanderings across the island have led Vincent to mountains where smog chokes the breath and fire churns in running rivulets. While the heat isn't ideal - Vincent feels like he's being cooked in his shell - there's something comforting and almost invigorating in the smog. His power is in his poison, after all, and the acrid stench in the air he breathes don't seem to be smothering him. Instead, they strengthen him, flooding his antlers and barbs with overflowing toxins.

And as he walks, he... senses? Smells? something more poisonous than the rest of the area. He turns, curious, and before long he finds a pair of dull stones, like quartz with colored cores. One is far too warm; Vincent ignores its dim orange hue, but the other attracts him. The shade of violet at its middle almost perfectly coincides with Vincent's own markings... Deeply curious, he reaches down and pecks at the stone.

If the air of the Peaks was invigorating, this gives him rebirth. His spine arches, his armor prickles, venom threatens to overflow... Ignoring the ashen taste clinging to the rock, Vincent takes hold of it in his mouth and places it in a chink along the flank of his armor.
Aaren the Zigzagoon-G (Ability: Pickup)
This post affects: possibly Vincent

One good thing about this new body was its size. Aaren had discovered he somehow gained the power to transform himself into a strangely-colored Zigzagoon, and something about the ability had even let him absorb the stones he'd tucked into spaces in his armored skin. The much smaller form kept him lower to the ground, and what used to be rocks he could step over now were large enough to hide behind.

And hide he did, scampering up the smoking slope. He wasn’t sure entirely why, but this new form seemed drawn upwards. Aaren kept finding himself holding and examining shiny rocks he’d picked up without realizing; and as he crept nearer the summit they became more intriguing, veins of metal and the occasional sliver of gemstone belched by the volcano’s caldera.

Aaren peeked around another rock and spotted a large segmented purple insect. More interestingly, he spotted a small red sphere on the ground near it. Aaren recognized it as similar to others he’d discovered, though this one was a different color and sheen.

The other creature seemed to be focused on a purple orb akin to the one on the ground, and his tiny form was nearly trembling with excitement over the find. Taking a deep breath, he darted out from behind the rock and towards the orb.

It was quite hot in his paws, and he nearly dropped it as soon as he’d picked it up. He turned about and dashed back the way he came, ducking behind the original rock and passing it between his two paws so it didn’t burn him.

[edit 12/26]Aaren scampered further away with his prize, intent on leaving the area before something decided to make a snack of his much smaller and squishier form.
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