[MEGASTONE] of battling wills

When all is quiet and the sun rises, two stones reside on the altar--one that seems to whisper unintelligibly to those close, and the other that seems to kick back at the other.

A Psychic and Fighting Megastone have spawned in the Onyx Temple!
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His child nears.

The voice woke Cassandra with a start. Around her sprawled the cracked dirt and blown sand of the desert, the only motion a stirring of wind. She still lay shaded in the lee side of a dune, but rose quickly to see if she could spot the speaker. Nobody was in her immediate vicinity.

She sighed. Was it another dream? She didn’t recall the disorienting flashes and images normally accompanying her visions, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t part of her curse. From the sun’s position she’d napped about an hour, and while her pulse was slowing she still wasn’t likely to sleep again.

Cassandra walked the few hundred feet back to the standing stones. She still wasn’t willing to sleep within their ring, but she noticed a pair of familiar looking orbs sitting on the altar. One was a twin to the pink one she already bore, and the other was an intense reddish brown. She gathered up the pink one and it seemed to resonate the same way as the first she’d found, sending warm tingles through the recesses of her mind.

[edit 12/11] She also picked up the unfamiliar stone; it felt like a strange combination of alertness and exhaustion, and she didn't think that she liked it very much.

[edit 12/17] Placing both inside her satchel, she turned and left the ring of standing stones.
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