Death in the Deep
Its been worked on for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, but I am officially calling it done. Going for Dhelmise(Obviously)

[Image: 6gIXsWY.png]

Utilizing one of my art passes *brushes off dust*

Concise curation is fine
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[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: grC1OXh]
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OK SO I KNOW THIS IS LONG OVERDUE. TIME to get kraken. haha get it? kraken?

Anywho, here is your spooky curation:

As a fyi, I am only a fledgling with respect to 3-D computerized modelling but I have learned enough to develop a working vocabulary via game design.

Form - Advanced

Technique - Advanced

Really well done here, with a minor gripe that I can't see dhelmise's eye behind the dusty looking glass... It's correctly proportioned to a real life anchor, so good job there!

Texturing: Advanced - Overall the texturing on your brushes is superior. I think you have a nice understanding on how to texture objects realistically. The moss/algae on Dhelmise, the rusty cannon, the be-speckled compass and ivory steering wheel. However, your wonderful texturing does fall a little flat on your diver and those barnacles. The barnacles are little too big, and while I understand texturing loses detail from a distance but barnacles are smaller and really gritty. Check them out in the spoiler:

I think you could have either omitted them or given them the leaves-in-a-tree solution rather than try to animate each one on the boat. I'd like to say that's a minor detail in the background, but they're so big and light compared to the boat my eyes are immediately drawn to them, distracting me from the spooky scene.

Lighting/Value: Intermediate - I'm not going to go much into here because 3-D software has powerful tools to make realistic lighting scenarios; I understand that the lighting was carefully chosen to feel like I'm underwater and I do have the true feeling of that. Death and destruction on the an unfortunate diving adventure. The powerful shading software, however, can easily be used to guise gaps in the texturing and I can tell that perhaps there is a little *too* much contrast and I had to blow up my computer's brightness setting to really see the dark values of the drawing. Which good chiaroscuro is great for allowing ominous and emotive scenery, too much and it is hard to find your subjects. Having more highlights (whether artificially painted on your subject, or adding an extra light to your rig would have done wonders as the diver gets easily lost, especially since it is at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. We really need something pointing to it otherwise we just see your star, dhelmise.

Colors: Intermediate

I think you have a strong grasp of coloration, but again I find everything slightly too high-chroma and I think you can work on some of the more-realistic coloration of the barnacles. I like all of the cool colors (blues and greens) but I think you could have put in some worm colors on the diver's suit and bring out the reds on Dhelmise's compass. Minor things that add up to make a cold image, but it is effective, at the very least.

Narriative/Scene: Intermediate

You have an eye for composition with giving us just enough information to imply whats happening. I see the vines snagging the leg of the diver, and I wish I could have seen it better, because without that tiny little detail you're left wondering, "why are there random divers feet next to the spooky anchor". Again, that problem could have been fixed by adjusting the lighting, as it is obscured by the darkness.

I think this qualifies for a Demanding Rank! Bravo friend! you may claim an additional 12k on top of your anchor and I, once again, apologize for the wait!
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=802&d=1507743197]

Img Made by Morru/Mako

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