[FOUNDING] Disciples of the Forgotten
Cassandra the Delphox (Ability: Magician)
Cassandra returned to the stones shortly before sunrise. The faint sigils on the pillars were all but invisible in the early morning glow, and as inscrutable to her senses as on her first visit. She circled each of the pillars in turn. She gently traced a few of the runes as she did but their meanings still weren’t clear.
Her path pointed her at the central altar after she’d brushed against each of the monoliths. “When I was last here, I knelt in supplication. I asked for answers, looking for your knowledge to be offered freely. But that is not the way of things here.” She stepped towards it, reaching into her bag and drawing forth the stone that had spoken to her in the reef. She held it firmly in one paw as she climbed onto the round, flat stone.
“I still seek the knowledge. I will have the answers. But it is clear to me I do not yet know the questions.” She gathered her mental reserves, focused on the stone in her hand. “And I may not be the one to find them. I will gather what others shall come and together, we will learn what this island is about.”
The dawn broke, the first rays of sunlight reaching her stones. This time when the surge of psychic energy washed over her, she was ready for it and channeled her own power through the resonant orb. She had chosen her time carefully; her dual nature of psychic and fire meant she could draw energy from the sun, as well.
Gradually she forced her way along the stream of energy as it ebbed, barely brushing her consciousness against the standing stones. Here lay power vast and ancient, and it would be a long time before she could draw upon it. But her touch did not go unnoticed, and on each pillar a single rune flared brightly – a spiked half-circle curling around a central dot.
And then the flow ceased, leaving her exhausted and shaking. But she still stood, triumphant, on the central rock. The single rune on each pillar faded somewhat but remained visible and she knew she had been heard.
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