Name: Claus
Age: Adult
Personality: Shy but mischievous. Stays along the sidelines and cracks jokes at the idiots in front, but then tease the people teasing them. Very quick and alert, and can get bored easily.
History: After waking up on Mautte, Claus had very littler recollection of his history as a human. He vaugely remembered that spend some time in the Military doing something but, what specifically, he couldn't recall. The dreepies in his horns there kept mentioning 'bombs away' and 'when are you gonna fire me!?'. He seemed a little puzzled about where they came from.

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Species: Dragapult
Gender: M
Form Type:
Abilities: Clear Body: I can stealthily hide by becoming invisible to dodge an attack by an incoming foe at the cost being unable to attack for a turn, and Infiltrator: can find ways to properly aim my dreepies at my enemies in weak spots.

Appearance: None differing from the standard; he does, however, have a scar on his left horn of unknown origin. Perhaps he ran into some coral before being washed ashore? It stung slightly, but the pain from the scar was bearable and easily forgettable.
[Image: grC1OXh]
[Image: grC1OXh]
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