Sword & Shield Invitational - Advertising Contest!
URPG Advertising Contest!
november 29th - december 15th!

Hello, fellow URPGers! It's time to do some recruiting, so let's get things back in gear with some advertising to bring in the new generation!

Note that if you've posted advertisements or recruited new members within the past month of the contest starting, you may claim rewards and contribution for it through this event!

The way this contest works is fairly simple: advertise URPG in as many places as you can in order to get cold hard chance, and hopefully new members who are interested in the game! To advertise, choose whichever advertisement you'd like the Advertisements section below, and post them into the advertising sections of your favorite communities, forums, and social media sites!

Note that regular advertising rewards are not available during this event, only the ones below!


Breaking any of the below rules will void the rewards of the advertisement you broke the rule with.
  • Follow the rules of all forums, sites, and other communities that you post advertisements in. You are representing URPG, so take your time and read their advertising rules to make sure you don’t break any, and respect their community. This includes posting an advertisement in the appropriate format and in the appropriate place.
  • Check for pre-existing ads for URPG on that site. Do not post another advertisement if one has already been posted. Search for a pre-existing one!
  • Do not advertise or recruit in the chat boxes of other forums--only post advertisements where you’re explicitly allowed to.
  • Advertisements must be posted in a semi-active community to count. The community has seen some sort of social activity (not other advertisements) in at least the past two months to be considered active.
  • Try to be socially aware of where you're advertising; don't advertise in places where you don't think a URPG ad would be welcome, such as previous host forums or somewhere else that might not take well to an ad. These places are few and far between, but just be aware!

Advertisement Rewards:

  • $5,000 - Recruit a new member. Must have created stats and participated at least once in a section. Link to: recruit’s stats, proof of section participation (battle or contest log; sketchbook entry or artwork; National Park gate application or run thread). While not required to show by default, staff may ask to see proof that you were their referrer (them mentioning what ad brought them, them acknowledging that you referred them, your username listed as a referrer in their forum registration, etc.)
  • $2,500 - Recruit a returning member. Member must have not been active on URPG in the past 12 months. Must have updated stats and participated at least once in a section. Link to: returning member’s stats, proof of section participation (battle or contest log; sketchbook entry or artwork; National Park gate application or run thread)

  • $1,000 - Post a Discord advertisement. Advertisement must be in a channel that permits advertisements, or must have that server staff’s/community's permission to advertise! Link to: screenshot of whole server window (including server name and channel that permits advertising) + any special permission you’ve been given to post (if applicable).
  • $250 - Post a forum advertisement. Advertisement must be in an appropriate advertising board. Link to: advertisement post, thread, page, etc.
  • $500 - Advertise in a forum signature. Once per forum, not applicable on URPG host forums. Link to: a screenshot the signature in a forum post, or link to a post you’ve made with that signature.
  • $500 - Post an advertisement on social media. Maximum 1 per week per platform. Link to: the tweet, post, deviantART journal, etc.
  • $750 - Post a journal in a deviantART group. Once per group, in a group with at least 10 members. Link to: the journal.
  • $500 - Plug URPG in the description of a URPG or Pokemon-related work on a content sharing site (examples: AO3, deviantART). Limited 3 per week per platform. The plug/advertisement must include a link to the Getting Started page of the InfoHub and a link to the Discord server. Link to: the work with the advertisement.
  • $250 - Reblog, retweet, or similarly re-share another member’s advertisement. Must be another member’s and not your own. Link to: your reshare of the content.
  • $500 - Advertise in your signature on another forum. Must have the advertisement still in your signature until the end of the event. Once per location.

Have an idea/method for advertising that doesn't fall under the above categories? Post it here, or DM it to K'sariya on Discord!

Site-Wide Rewards:
On top of your advertisements earning you money, they also earn prizes for everyone else! Your prize totals pool together with everyone else's, and those rewards unlock rewards for the entire site!

Everyone earns $50,000:
  • Double-exp week for basics
  • A free Underground roll!
Everyone earns $75,000:
  • 25% off Park shops and fees for a week
  • An additional set of fourplay Pokemon rolled in the next period for both Art and Stories
Everyone earns $100,000:
  • 1.25x cash rewards on battles and contests for a week

Dates for site-wide bonuses will be chosen accordingly: Each top earner will choose up to two dates that are best for them, then the event participants will vote on these dates. The date with the most votes will be the date the bonuses take place!

The Advertisements:

Tips and Tricks:
Does this whole thing seem a little daunting? Don’t know where to start? Here are my best tips!

Logging Your Ads:
Use one post to track your advertisements. When you log your advertisements, you need to include only a couple of things:
  • What you completed and how much money that will give you
  • Proof of your advertisement (a link where able, if advertising on a place that’s harder to link [like a Discord server], please do a full-window screenshot instead that shows where you advertised, in what channel/spot, etc.)
  • Your total rewards (which you can claim at the end of the event)
Please list your advertisements/money gains chronologically, so that we can track our global rewards easier and more regularly!
K'sariya's Advertising Log:
+$500 - Post an advertisement on social media (Imgur post)
+$500 - Plug URPG in a description of an artwork (URPG Advertisement Banner)
+$500 - Post an advertisement on social media (dA Journal)
+$1,000 - Discord Advertisement (Advertise Your Server)
+$500 - Plug URPG in a description (Post on reddit, my comment links to my dA where most visible things are URPG ad)

Total: $3,000
Mand's Ads:
+1.0k - Discord ad
+0.5k - Twitter ad

Total: 1.5k

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