⫷ Richter Castelleron ❄️ Gingersnap Snowflake ⫸
Richter Castelleron
Age: Young Adult
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Personality: A friendly soul though inwardly wary and cautious. They want to be part of a family but find themselves hesitating in growing close to others. Will attempt to help others regardless unless found to betray trust.
History: Richter had come from a family with a noble title, what that title was, they never learned. For as one in a household of a number of children, a step-mother with no love to give children not her own could easily sell one of them at little cost or notice to herself. The young noble was passed through many hands, and remembered. They had slunk with them a journal, one that held their name, and would add to it and read it over each night for years, in the hopes to one day be able to track down their siblings and find out what had become of them.

Passing from place to place, Richter eventually came to the notice of a knight, one who knew the worth of the Castelleron name, and took on young Richter as a squire, training them, and getting them their first Pokemon companion. A patterned Charmander that came to be known by the name of Gumbo. Richter took their training seriously, as did their Pokemon, finally thinking that maybe they could be happy here. During a meeting with another knight however, things went sour.

Richter's mentor was betrayed, and killed before their eyes. Leaving them to climb aboard the recently evolved Charizard to flee the area. Town after town, it became clear that they were framed for the murder, and a bounty had been placed. So Richter urged Gumbo to fly out for another land, and the pair were caught in a storm. Keeping airborne in a tropical storm was no easy feat, especially when one bore a sword among their gear. Light lanced through the sky and struck the pair of them, Richter falling to meet the ocean below, not to know what had become of their partner.


Available Forms: 

Species: Alolan Vulpix
Gender: Agender
Form Type: Imported
Abilities: Snow Cloak In a landscape of snow, ice, or during hailing weather, Richter's fur blends in with the background and they become increasingly hard to spot in these situations. The farther away you are, the harder it is to spot the snow white fur, up to the point where the pix becomes invisible at the farthest range one might be able to see.
Snow Warning (Locked) Richter uses the Alolan Vulpix's species trait of producing colder temperatures to whip up a blizzard with a distance of 25 feet in diameter, though they must start at a point where they stand within the circumference of the blizzard. The blizzard lasts for 3 posts inside a fight and 5 posts outside of a fight. They can not engage this ability again until they have had at least 4 hours of rest. They can not fight weather effects like harsher temperatures, and this will become rain if used in a desert or other hot climate.
Appearance: Almost the same as typical, but like ice the sun shines upon, there are flecks of gold over the Vulpix's body that catch in the sunlight. There is a small scar on their back, the shape of a many pointed star, and at times this aches.

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