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Name: Vincent.
Age: Adult (equivalent 35 years).
Gender: Male.
Personality: Easygoing/Dramatic/Principled/Keen/Laid-Back.
Most of the time, Vincent is a pretty nice guy. Laid-back, relaxed, confident, and good for a laugh, he tends to be easy to get along with. He likes meeting new people, and is equally comfortable among large crowds and small groups. A bit of a limelighter, he has a flair for the dramatic, and can be a bit of a ham around people who he knows well. He enjoys a good debate or competition - the more challenging, the better, particularly if he wins. While he doesn’t often show it, close relationships are extremely important to Vincent, as he can be a bit insecure where abandonment is concerned. 

Vincent considers himself to just be a working man who’s good at his job - and it just so happens that his job involves bashing people’s faces in. Generally, he has a very ‘might makes right’ attitude. He has no problems stepping on others to get what he wants, reasoning that the weak will get trampled over no matter what, and he might as well benefit from it. Vincent would not hesitate to lie, steal, or harm anyone who he’s not close to in order to achieve his goals - and given his habit of distancing others out of both trust issues and a desire to avoid conflicts of interest, he doesn’t exactly have a lot of those people. Further, though he is reluctant to admit it, he has a sadistic streak. Part of him enjoys exerting his power, making sure that others fear and respect him. His dramatism plays into this somewhat, as part of him legitimately enjoys playing the part of a ‘villain’, though he isn’t proud of this particular tendency. Despite his casual lack of empathy for anyone he’s not close to, Vincent has his own set of standards. He doesn’t hurt children, and in general tries to keep his quarrels as non-destructive and discreet as possible. He also loathes backstabbing and would never actively betray someone who he is loyal to or who depends on him. Overall, in his unsavory dealings, he is ever the professional - rigid about his personal codes, but nigh-impossible to rattle and implacably thorough when it comes to the task at hand.

History: Vincent was trapped as a small Venipede in Unova, caught by humans organizing fighting rings for Pokemon. He was expected to die as cannon fodder against one of the champions - imagine his captors' surprise when he survived, fighting violently til the bitter end against each opponent thrown at him. Eventually, he became a crowd favorite, so that whenever he evolved, growing from a lowly Venipede to a mighty Scolipede, he became one of the champions of the arena that he'd been thrown against. 

His handlers had put him on a boat, preparing to ship him off to a big show in some far-off land when it happened. The storm. All he remembers is the cage, the dark room rumbling around him, the wood pulverized by the power of the sea, salt water filling his lungs...

And strength. He remembers feeling admired, revered, feared. And he misses it.

Available forms:
Species: Scolipede.
Form Type: Linked.
Abilities: Poison Point. The barbs on Vincent's sides are incredibly toxic. If they cut a foe, they'll be left with a painful, stinging poisoning. Loading on more of the toxin leads to fatigue, fever, and muscle stiffness. However, contacting a foe with these barbs also leaves Vincent's soft underbelly unguarded and open to attack.
Swarm. When Vincent is critically wounded, he can harness his rage into one last, desperate burst. His slashing, puncturing attacks become more frantic, leaving messes of wounds. This boost can only be activated once per thread, when Vincent is in dire condition, and it lasts for the duration of one post. When it's over, Vincent will be left more vulnerable and exhausted than ever.
Speed Boost. The longer Vincent fights, the quicker his reflexes become. As adrenaline pumps in his heart, he becomes faster, more quick-witted, more dangerous. However, as his speed increases, he struggles a bit with maneuverability - he runs like a freight train when he really gets going, and that level of velocity can be a little tough to alter.
Appearance: Vincent is pretty much an average Scolipede, though he's bigger than the typical bug. His armor is deep crimson, with bright purple markings and bands. There's a horizontal scar along his beak where the plate was chipped; there are a few other scars and dents in his armor, though none of the others are so prominent.

Species: Rookidee.
Gender: Male.
Form Type: Earned (claimed via free Morphic Form Unlock from 2019 Prize Wheel).
Abilities: Keen Eye. Vincent's eyesight in Rookidee form is incredible. While actually hitting them is an entirely different matter, he is capable of more easily deducing an opponent's weak points.
Unnerve. Those gold eyes are capable of a surprisingly potent death glare. Once per thread, Vincent can fix his opponent with a glare that will make them fumble whatever they're doing at the moment (launching an attack, defending themself, running, etc). Attempts to do this afterward will simply hit a desensitized foe, and therefore will be ineffective.
Appearance: Where a normal Rookidee has blue plumage, Vincent's is a striking crimson. His eyes are a deep gold. His normal scars are retained; his distinctive facial scar manifests in a slash across the top of his beak and a chip in the beak's side.

Species: Grimmsnarl.
Gender: Male.
Form Type: Linked (Smeagol the Grimmsnarl).
Abilities: Frisk. A Grimmsnarl's mind is quick and clever. Between his clever mind and his personal years of battle experience, when Vincent meets a new Pokemon, he will have an easier time figuring out their moves and abilities, though it is quite possible for him to come to erroneous conclusions.
Prankster. Ever the showman, Vincent likes to mess with people. Once per thread, Vincent may use one of his moves - usually something that lowers his foe's combat capabilities or bolster his own - with the added benefit of using underhanded tactics to infuriate his opponent, with the goal of getting them to fight sloppily due to their anger. This essentially functions as a Taunt, but the Taunt is combined with whatever other move Vincent is using.
Appearance: Other than shiny coloration, Vincent's Grimmsnarl form is more or less standard. He has a scar between his eyes, though the scar does not touch either eye.

Character: Vincent (link above).
Species: Incineroar.
Gender: Male.
Form Type: Linked (Tam the Incineroar).
Abilities: Blaze. Vincent's reserves of fire wax and wane much like his regular stamina - he can either use it up in one big burst or meter it out over time. Once per thread, Vincent can power up a Fire-type move to pack a devastating, white-hot punch. Afterward, his Fire-type moves will be drastically weakened for the rest of the thread.
Intimidate. Dirty looks are something that this awful bug-cat has elevated to an art form. Opponents who can see Vincent's narrowed eyes, bared teeth, and unsheathed claws will find him frightening, and may have a hard time attacking him rather than fleeing when in close quarters with him.
Appearance: A pretty bog-standard Incineroar, if taller and more muscular than the species average. There is a scar on the bridge of his nose.

Mega Forms:
Species of Mega-Evolved Form: Scolipede.
Type(s): Bug/Poison.
Ability: Poison Touch. Once per thread, while in Mega form, Vincent may poison an opponent when he makes contact with his stinger, neck claws, or antlers. Standard type- and ability-based immunities still apply.
Appearance: A richer, darker crimson coats Vincent's plates while in this form. The violet markings on his body change to a brighter, more virulent and red-tinged shade of purple. His antlers curve forward further, violet stripes twisting along them to a vicious point. His neck claws grow longer, pointing forward and down so that they don't pierce his neck - which, in turn, forms black plates of armor rather than straightforward skin. This armor is not particularly strong, but it's a small improvement over his normal vulnerability. The most noticeable change is Vincent's tail - he grows a long tail, still covered in armored plates and claws like his neck and torso. Two long, jagged stingers twist downward from the tip of this tail, bright purple at the tips and fading to red nearer to the base.

Post Tracker: Here!
Clan: N/A.
Place of Residence: The Menagerie.
Inventory: Poison Stone, attuned.

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