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Name: Jiji
Species: Raikou
Age: Later Teen / Young Adult
Affiliation: Rogue
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Artist: Susiron
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Personality: Jiji is a pragmatic, if somewhat gullible youth. Somewhat of a loner, he softens considerably around those he is closest to, but can seem stand-offish or distant to others due to his wariness. The needs  of those he loves come before his own always in his mind, and he works himself to exhaustion making sure others needs are met if given half the chance to. 

History: In another life, he may have once been royalty; fawned over from a young age and raised to follow in his father's footsteps as Emperor of a grand nation. He may have once born the title of Prince only with great ill-ease, unhappy with the future planned for him and the strict conduct his days were made to pass by under. Once, a younger brother and sister, may very well have been the only spots of joy in his listless life - each as trapped by their standing as the others and longing for freedom in their own ways. Each scattering to the wind as their own means of running from their fates came to them, leaving them separated and on the run. 
Whether that truly was the life he held before his arrival here or not matters little really. Now there is only Mautte, and the feeling of thunder roiling in his veins, and the vague longing for the siblings he cannot fully recall but still listlessly searches for. He had found his freedom...but at what dreadful cost?
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FORM #001
Species: Raikou
Gender: Male (I do what I want >:P)
Form Type: Imported
Pressure - Jiji's distant demeanor and incredibly imposing form can be an incredibly intimidating sight. opponents are unable to use the same move twice in a row while in a battle with him. (Essentially Torment but as an ability.)  

• Inner Focus (Currently Locked / Unusuable) - Due to his dedication and willpower, Jiji has an incredible ability to retain his focus. He cannot be made to flinch when hit by an attack and remains calm in situations that might otherwise cause others to spin into a panic.

Volt Absorb (Currently Locked / Unusuable) - Jiji's body is incredibly tough and conductive to electrical energy, so much so that it can convert such charges into healing energy. What would shock another to the brink of death instead only makes him stronger. (Once every 3 posts, he can absorb an incoming electrical attack or surge of electrical energy, and boost the power of one of his own attacks in turn).

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