[MEGASTONE] of final refuge

The heat is absolute, intense, relentless. The desert absolutely bakes beneath it. The mirages grow more intense beneath the heat, illusions dancing in wobbling waves above the shifting dunes. Somewhere within, though, the sand still as if in the eye of the storm, and the air seems a bit cooler, somehow...

Two stones spawn on the shore, one of fire, one of verdant energy.

A Fire and a Grass Megastone have spawned in the Oasis!

Cassandra the Delphox (Ability: Magician)

Cassandra dances along the hollow between dunes, humming a melody she barely remembers as she kicks sand into the air. With some concentration, she swirls the puffs of sand around her making a small but energetic copy of a dust devil. It scatters the grains of sand to glitter in the air, but more importantly it obscures her tracks as she moves across the wastes.

A whiff of moisture catches her attention. She climbs one of the dunes beside her and is rewarded with the sight of a shimmering oasis nestled below her. While small, it’s too close by to simply be a mirage and the tang of water in the air is unmistakable.

Cassandra made her way down the dune towards the water, continuing to scatter the sand but with less energy. She knelt and scooped a pawful of water to inspect. It smelled fine, not exactly fresh but not brackish either. Taking a sip, and then another, she slowly drank her fill from the pond.

Standing back up she caught a glint from beside her. Another orb seemed nestled in the sand; its blazing hue seemed to do more than reflect the sun above, almost glowing with power. She picked up the stone and was surprised that it was nearly hot enough to burn her hand.
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[Lucario/Steadfast @ Mega Stone (Fighting, unattuned)]

Seiro approaches the sandy shores of the oasis's lake, his tail twitching idly as he notices a strange, intense presence. A spherical stone, much like the one he's already holding, catches his eye. Unlike the one he already has, which has a power much like his own aura, this one seems to radiate the power of a lush, verdant forest, as if the life of plants themselves was stored in this stone.

Stepping closer, the Lucario bends down to pick up the stone, his ebony paws gripping the sand with a steely grasp as he curiously examines the stone, comparing it to the one he already has. They seem so similar, and yet so different...perhaps they share a secret? Satisfied with his find, Seiro then turns and begins walking away from the water.
[Cassandra the Delphox (Ability: Magician), unaffiliated]

Cassandra placed the orb in her satchel, where it clinked against the several others she’d collected. She still wasn’t sure what they were or where they came from, but they must be related to the island’s mystery somehow.

Her senses told her that another of the stones was nearby, though she only had a vague idea of distance and direction. She climbed partway up one of the dunes, looking in the general direction of the sense, and spotted a tall blue and black figure standing up and turning away. She thought that she recognized him from a meeting in the crater, but it was too far away to be certain, and moving rapidly from her. The sense of the power stone faded with it, and she surmised he must have retrieved it.

The Delphox gave a shrug, settling her satchel on her back. She likewise turned away from the oasis and set out once more, beginning again to hum the forgotten tune.

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