Kai, Heart of Flames
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Name: Kai (Astari Igetis - Star)
Age: teen (15-16)
Residence: ???
Clan: Rogue

Personality: Kai was fiery before she was sent to Mautte, and she was definitely worse after. Being new on the island isn't easy for her. She likes being in control of the battlefield and her only leader is herself. She has her own thoughts and no trouble voicing them. She's also unpredictable. First impressions are important to her. Depending on how well you do, she'll either trust quick or you'll be on her suspicious list forever. Kai's actually quiet subdued when she's on her own. She enjoys nature and a good sense of right or wrong. She's a quick learner, a quick thinker, a tad rash, and somewhat selfless. Kai will judge others a lot, but sometimes she'll only see what she wants. For being so young, she's a decent battler, but easy to goad. She can't stand taunts and has a nice sense of justice. Her current goal is to find out who she is, why she's on Mautte, and why she seems to have multiple memories overlapping each other, but can't remember any of them.

History: Kai's name technically isn't Kai. That's only what she thinks it is. 

Astari Igetis is the daughter of King Vasilias Kokkino and the sister of Eskierdo Igetis. She's trained in most forms of weaponry (sword-fighting, archery, jousting) and knows how to mount most pokemon from Pidgeot to Rapidashes. She and her brother shared a close bond (very impressive considering that he was unjustly exiled) and he taught her some other life skills, including getting her started on being a pokemon trainer. Astari can't remember much of her previous life and the only most of the skills she uses now are only used instinctively. She doesn't even know how she washed up on Mautte. All she remembers is the cry of battle, swords clashing, and a bright light. As for why she thinks her name is Kai? That's the name of the Zoroark she had been working with before the siege started, and apparently what she nows thinks is her name. Don't blame her. No one called her Astari anyway. She was just "the princess," even to her father.

Available Forms: 1
[Image: dc06anc-bef832df-cb86-4835-8152-2eb9630fedbe.png]
Species: Fletchling
Gender: female
Form Type: Imported
Big Pecks: Kai's beak is a bit sturdier than normal. She recovers a bit quicker than others after being startled, giving her enough time to brace herself. (Not that it'll do much since she's only a foot tall, but)
Appearance: Kai's appearance is the same as a regular Fletchling's except for the bands on her tail feathers which are gold instead of white.
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