The Fardreamer's waking memories
The scoundrel had leapt from the window, leaving the chaos in the ballroom behind. I used my paw spikes to speed the climb up the stone wall as I pursued him. Within moments I crouched on the windowsill, spotting him astride a Mudbray and galloping away at something less than full tilt.
I grinned. Putting two blue fingers up to my lips, I whistled a series of loud notes. From around a corner my Rapidash cantered into position beneath the window. I jumped carefully and used a touch of Aura to steer myself onto Rapidash’s back.
We wheeled around together, aiming for the castle gates that the foe had nearly reached, and launched into a gallop. If he made it to the forest he’d be impossible to track, but I’d worked with Rapidash for a long time. Her strides ate up the distance between us and the other rider, and it looked like we’d catch up to him just outside the gates.
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Lucario looked up as the church Bronzong tolled out six peals. The deep, rich tones echoed off the stonework of the keep’s corner, calling the peasants home from the field. Only two hours were left before his duel was to occur, and he wasn’t sure what tricks the shifty old Zoroark would bring to bear.

Around the corner of the church, a figure in flowing white appeared. Her green locks framed delicate features, and she stopped when she saw that he’d spotted her.

Lucario strode swiftly to stand before her. “Milady, you should not be outside the citadel. Ferrolo’s agents are everywhere, and they would not hesitate to strike such an unprotected target.”

She smiled at him, then, sending his heart soaring. “Unprotected? When I am nearby you, I am hardly without a defender. Besides, it wouldn’t do to have a servant fetch you to the castle now, of all times.”

He was gratified, but surprised. “You came out here to find me? You know I would have been there in moments had you called.”

Gardevoir turned her head, gazing at him with one eye and reaching beneath her flowing robe. From within it, she drew forth a small bracelet of interlinked rings. “It also wouldn’t do to be seen presenting this to you. My hus-, our king, would take great affront knowing the favors I bestowed on our champion.”
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