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What will I write? Who knows.

Also going to track my story legend here:

Mwako - Medium - $20,000
Royalty - Hard - $20,000
The Things They Carried - Simple (x2) - $10,000
FUSION // FISSION - Complex - $30,000
Heroes - Simple, Medium (x2) - $25,000

Story Journals:
n/a yet

Writing Competition Voting:
to be compiled


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Gonna start drabbling out an idea or two for my WaR in order to get a feel for what grabs me.

In the black void of space, he wakes alone.

Crimson eyes, ringed with brilliant seafoam iris, roll slowly open to take in the vastness. Deep, dark pitch spreads as far as he can see, interrupted only by the occasional glowing speck of a planet or a star or some planetary body or another. Draconic maw twists into a frown as he looks over the unfamiliar scape. The grimace flashes pale teeth.

One light particular seems a little larger than the rest, tinted with a peculiar cerulean. Curious, he leans forward toward it, and the bulbous shape of his tail lights unbidden, lightning blue swirling in the lapses in its carapace to propel him forward. Electric light gleams on his dark armor as he slowly, gradually, pushes himself through the empty, quiet, and dead void.

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There's a fog, thick and choking around his conscience, one that he can't quite place. There's a strange sense of deja vu around it, as if his very existence floats in the limbo between existing and not, like words on the tip of the tongue that haven't quite teetered over the edge. Drifting through space with no one else for company, he dwells on that fog.

Occasionally, when he reaches into it with memory-searching fingers, he captures brief flashes of wispy impressions that curl fleetingly over grasping digits. Bright flashes, intense pain, intense anger. Thick bracers on claws crossing, steady... shielding, something. Something about the memories makes the loneliness feel stronger. Agony, anguish. Reluctance. Then loneliness. The feelings play on a repeat.

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new angle because i'm fickle

Lightning shatters the thick artillery shell before it can collide with the obsidian bracer. Body hunches low and close as the blast's fire washes searingly over the hulking behemoth's armor. Another missile zips near, circling as it hones in on the blindingly-bright ball of heat and lightning explosions, and as the plasma strikes it down, shrapnel shreds into tender nape. A roar of agony bellows from him, and lost beneath are the shouts of surprise.

With surprising tenderness, Zekrom's claws grab the tiny body ensconced within its shielding form. Crimson eyes roll downwards, lingering on the small body cradled in his arms. She gazes up at him--not with fear, but with trust. He pulls her close and surges upward, conic tail bursting with energy as it propels him into the sky.

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Call me a protractor because I can't stop measuring this out with new angles

His body rests, suspended in the vastness of the void, distance stretching endlessly between them. His eyes don't leave him; crimson pools remain locked on the ice-armored dragon floating in the distance. Guarded, Zekrom holds Reshiram close, the orb nestled against him like a large, pale pearl, its warmth seeping through his armor, so different from the space's ruthless cold.

Kyurem drifts ever-so-slightly forward. Sparks crackle threateningly between Zekrom's wings in response.

"Hand her over," comes the telepathic grumble. Voice is distorted, warped, twisted like rock and metal being ground into one. Zekrom looks upon this third part of them, remembering when they were once whole. He looks down at the sphere that traps the great dragon of fire, and knows that within, Reshiram lies, weak. He could forfeit them both, now. They could return to being one.

The lightning crackles more fiercely around his armor. "No."

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