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February 7, 2020
Day 26/90 - Foundations

He looks at me and I hold my breath. His eyes bore into mine, and for the first time I realize he doesn't look human.

His eyes are ringed with red, but his irises themselves are a lucid golden. Like magic, if you get the reference. 

Narrowing his eyes at me, he opens his mouth as if to speak, then quickly closes them again. Fangs?

He has spiky, black hair and I belatedly notice that I can't move. Paralyzed. I bring my gaze up at him and choke out, "Who are you?" He told me not to follow him, but I didn't listen. How was I to know that he would turn out to be a monster? His tail swishes carelessly, black furred and ending in a golden star.

The no-longer-a-human seems to consider me, then says gruffly, "Alpha." Static - what? - sparks up his arms, easily traveling up his wire-like fur. "I would rather not harm you," he says sincerely, "but since you've intervened with my plans, I have no choice."

He opens his maw to reveal a set of predatorial teeth, and yes, two, concerningly pointed fangs. If I hadn't been frozen in place, I would've flinched.

"What are you going to do?" I ask nervously. The only parts of my body I could consciously move  were my eyes and mouth.

He - Alpha, I think. Was that his real name or something he made up on the spot? - approaches me from the side. I'm only able to see him through my peripheral view, but I hear him shuffle.

"It would be much better for the both of us, Omega, if you didn't know."

A sharp pain flares up in my left arm and the world slowly starts to turn black. A Were-Luxray, I remember thinking as I begin to fade. I wonder how this will turn out.
February 8, 2020
Day 27/91 - Beginnings

When I awake, the night is no longer. My vision is blurred, from the sunlight or my own drowsiness I can't tell. 

Something shifts on top of me and my mouth runs dry. Black fur. My memories come rushing back.

Pinned underneath the creature, I can take a good look at it. Him. 

Black, wiry fur, just like last time, covers his body. He's heavy, as a Luxray should be, but he's not... fully monster. Muscles ripple as if he were human, his arms - legs? - ending in more of clawed fingers than paws. He's much larger than a Luxray. No, he was a Luxray morphed with a human and standing on two legs. His face is human-like, ignoring the fur, the ears, the muzzle... I'm sure that he can run on both two and four legs, just like in the movies.

The movies? Oh, this is just ridiculous! I must be dreaming! But in a dream, you can't feel pain, can you. And being bitten by... the were-Luxray... certainly hadn't been painless. 

Electricity sparks from the fur of the sleeping beast, but it doesn't hurt me, only tingles. This isn't a dream. At least I have no one to worry about what time I'll get home.
February 9, 2020
Day 28/92 - Interference

I'm not sure why I'm walking through the forest. Scratch that, I know exactly why I'm walking through the forest. And yes, I am aware that it's the middle of the night and that there's a full moon above my head. Frankly, I don't care. I'm not one of those old superstitious folks. Pokemon, were-pokemon... what's the difference? Neither of them exist, anyway.

I step on a dry twig and it cracks beneath my feet, way too loudly in the night. My legs freeze for a second, as if afraid I've summoned a monster, but monsters don't exist and I carry on. 

The forest is unnecessarily creepy today, the trees look too crooked, the moon up too high. Even the wind is too chill, just like in those movies. I hate them. Way too unrealistic.

I step into a patch of soggy dirt and the wind rustles the leaves of the bushes. I turn to look out of habit, then freeze at something red between the branches. No. There are eight red things, little creepy dots, like eyes.

From up in the trees, gleaming white silk flows down to the forest floor. It comes down in multiple places, surrounding me. There's an odd clicking noise and I turn to find an eight-legged creature staring casually at me. 

An... Ariados. But no, Ariados are pokemon and pokemon don't exist. Right? This must be some elaborate trick, but something green sprays out from it's fangs, skimming me, and I let out a startled scream.
I need to get my schedule figured out...
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February 12, 2020
Day 1/93 - Orb

"You bit me," I accuse the beast standing in front of me. He could bite me again, rip me up at any time, so I'm not sure what made me think this was a good idea.

The wiry-furred creature had his muscled arms crossed. "It was the only way to save you," he retorted, spiked tail lashing a bit.

My mind warily recalls wild Ariados, but my mouth betrays me and asks, "From what?"

A scrutinizing glare. "Poison," he spits. 

Poison. Oh, is that what the green stuff was? No wonder I couldn't think straight when the spider sank its oversized fangs into my skin. 

I glance down at my left arm to see four puncture marks. Two are much larger than the others, but they overlap, the smaller marks inside the bigger ones. 

"Wait - if your biting me stops the Ariados' poison, then if I hadn't followed you...." 

"I would've ignored your existence and wait you to die." Oddly enough, his bluntness doesn't surprise me.
February 13, 2020
Day 2/94 - Thunder

There's a scream and we glare at each other for a second longer before simultaneously running towards the noise. If it hadn't been for the threatening situation, I would've scoffed; he said that he didn't go around saving people on a daily basis...

We break through the forest and into a small clearing; the first thing I see is sparking yellow fur, followed by eight, purple eyes. I shiver. Out of all the creatures, why did it have to be spiders again? 

A tendril of lightning shoots past me, dangerously close to my arm and I pull the limb closer to me. I wasn't ready for more damage to that thing.

He strikes first, running up to the Galvantula, then biting down on it. It looks less odd than I thought it would have, due to his muzzle, perhaps. Fire streaks from his fangs and I realize that I'm just about useless here. Other than my human body, I had no weapons here, and no way was I going to punch a giant spider.

Instead, I creep back to the treeline and watch as he fights. The spider isn't such a worthy opponent, making more terrible noises rather than attacking. More than once, static flies through the air, but the were-Luxray just seems to absorb it. 

He bites, fangs coated in fire, then retreats, running, before charging back in again. He uses his arms - forelegs? - as a stabilizer when he gets tired of running.

The spider hisses in irritation, then shoots silk up onto a tree branch and crawls away. My companion, danger defeated, collapses unceremoniously onto the ground in exhaustion. 

Unsure of what to do, I stay where I am. I could... help... him, but we literally met an hour ago. He's still pretty hostile, more so if the battle proves anything. 

From his position on the ground, he curses. "Why didn't you shift?"
February 14, 2020
Day 3/95 - Comprehension

"Why didn't you shift?"

I stare at him, the lack of comprehension obvious on my face. The were-Luxray catches it and backtracks, taking his time to explain. "Shift," he says slowly as if I were a child. "Change forms, from human to pokemon. Believe it or not, humans aren't strong. Pokemon are stronger."

I watch him, still not understanding. Shift, as in, become a were-Pokemon? Like him? "Um, I can't shift," I remind him uneasily. "Pure human here, remember?"

He scoffs, "Pure human. I bit you. It'd be a miracle if you were still pure human. Besides, you've shifted already, however late you were." 

I blink, getting ready to say that I did not, when he pulls himself up into a sitting position and points a clawed finger at me. "You have a tail."

Whipping around, I catch sight of a white colored thing wagging with the movement. Closer inspection shows that it is, in fact, connected to me and I check the rest of my body for other unexpected changes. I seem to be covered in light brown fur. Running my tongue over them reveal sharp, predatorial teeth, and I bring my hand up to reveal clawed fingers, then grab my muzzle. I release and bring my fingers to my neck; sharp, stone-like spikes harmlessly jutting out.

I turn back to him and stare. So I have changed, is what I don't say. Instead, in bewilderment, "What have you done to me?"
February 15, 2020
Day 4/96 - Alpha and Omega

"Alpha" - Rey Yofun
  • son of the dead king
  • banished from the kingdom at age eight after being bitten
  • forcibly turned into a were-luxray
  • spent some time being horrified, learnt how to live on his own, became unaware of the kingdom's status
  • kingdom rebelled, king died, no one cared
  • lords stepped up and created a peaceful and successful democracy
  • technically, Alpha can reclaim his throne at any time - the council is aware that he exists and will not oppose
  • birth name is Yofun, claimed the name "Alpha" after banishment
  • survival changed him, he's no longer arrogant, but very calculated and strong - being a were' enhances physical abilities
  • not good at socializing, most seem him as just but cold
"Beta" - Koshu Inochi
  • son of one of the lords that currently rule the kingdom
  • very shy and lovable
  • met Alpha after Alpha saved him from wild Ariados
  • but Alpha bit him, turning him into a were-lycanroc
  • follows Alpha around, horrified of his parents learning what happened
  • hasn't returned to the kingdom, search parties were sent out after him
  • Alpha doesn't know that he's the son of a noble
  • like Alpha, refuses to share his name, instead goes by "Beta"
  • Alpha verbally mocks him, but Beta doesn't take it seriously - Alpha would never purposely harm him, it's a way of releasing pent-up emotion
  • banter is common, but never in public - Beta goes back to being overly self-conscious and Alpha goes back to cold and calculating
  • Alpha claims that Beta is of a lower rank than him, Beta is inexperienced with battle and shows his submission to Alpha regularly
  • as they get to know each other, their ranks will slowly become equal - Beta continues to show submission to Alpha, which will start to annoy him
  • Alpha jokingly calls Beta "Omega"
  • they have a strong bond and end up inseparable, even after the whole "Er, Alpha, I'm a prince," "Hmm, really? I'm the king," conversation
February 16, 2020
Day 5/97 - Conversations

As they left the young child smiling off into the distance, Beta sighed. He missed his own life, his own parents. Yes, he was still terrified of the what-ifs to come, but maybe Ahi had a point. Helping the little kindle made him feel something he hadn't felt for a long time. Being in the village, too; it hit too close to home. And so he sidled up to Alpha before his courage dissipated, yet as nervous as ever and mumbled, "Er, Alpha?"

The part Luxray, as Beta rarely saw him in full human form, craned his head to see Beta. "What?"

Beta suddenly felt his resolve falter but not willing to back down, "Iusedtobeaprince."

Face twisting in thought, Alpha repeated, "What?" No answer from Beta, then, "Say that again?" Not in mockery, but actual curiosity.

Nerve-rackingly, but with clarity although shaky and quiet, "I used to be a prince."

You were not, he wants to scoff, but instead since they're in a private area, far from civilization, he says, "Really?" Nothing more, nothing less.

"You believe me?" Beta asks in nervous awe.

"Are you lying?" Alpha counters easily. They haven't stopped walking, not even to talk. Traveling is easy; helps to take your mind off of things.

Silence passes for a second, then "No."

A teasing smile. "Well, since it's sharing time, you might as well know that I'm king."

Beta stops, feet failing to keep up with the pace. "What?" he asks in shock.

Alpha pauses and turns around. Dang it, what in three kingdoms brought him to say that? It might as well be his greatest secret and- "Y'know, pretend I didn't say anything," he says gruffly. He turns around and keeps walking, hands in pockets and eyes towards the ground.

"Alpha-" Beta calls, hand reaching out, but upon hearing his name, the king shifts into a full Luxray and bounds away, leaving tendrils of lightning in his place.

Beta sighs and lowers his hand. Looking up at the sky, he takes a deep breath, then wills his feet to move. He's not too worried on getting lost, more concerned about Alpha's train of thought. The were' would be back within the next hour or so, he always was, but... maybe longer this time. 

They both needed time to wonder, time to think. Relive that conversation in their heads.
February 17, 2020
Day 6/98 - Revelations (Part 1)

Eventually they got over it - they always did - but of course, it couldn't just end there. More knowledge, more questions... they took a break; sat down together and Beta murmured, "So... king." He knew of the legend, everyone did. For the banishment of the crown prince, it wasn't exactly kept secret. 

No response. Alpha watched his hands, twisting his fingers and testing his claws. They weren't white like a regular Luxray's, but copper. A clean copper that gleamed in the sunlight. 

"How are you the prince?" Alpha asked quietly after some time. "And of which kingdom? I-" He cut off and Beta answered for him.

"Your kingdom." A sharp look. "After the... banishment, it wasn't public but - you know of the rebellion?" The silence meant no. "Um. Okay." So he would have to explain. "So after the banishment, when people found out, the kingdom was torn. Especially the border villages, they actually trained up were's but. So there was a rebellion, well planned, and the king was killed."

Beta paused there to watch Alpha's reaction, but there was nothing. Completely still, eyes trained on his claws. "How about my mother?"

Ah. "Um. So that's where it gets awkward."

How in three kingdoms was he supposed to explain that they were half-brothers?
February 18, 2020
Day 7/99 - Revelations (Part 2)

"She's still alive," Beta said, fidgeting a bit. "No one had quarrel with the queen..."

A questioning look. 

"After the... accidental assassination, the queen left. Ran away while the upper cities were in chaos. Then the lords took charge... the queen found refuge with one of the nobler lords," my father, "-and he convinced her that they weren't going to harm her. She was content with him, working on the farm... didn't even realize him as the leader of the Council until after they got married."

Alpha grunted and Beta shifted. He'd just outright stated that Alpha's mother got remarried. 

"Leader of the Council," Alpha repeated. "Was it Kyon?"

A startled glance. "Yes." How did he know?

"He was one of my father's top advisors," Alpha continued. "He was a good man."

Beta watched the were-luxray warily. "How much do you know about Dairinin Kyon?"

"Current news? Not much. His child went missing a few seasons back." A tilt of the head. "Odd to think he would be my half-brother. He should be around your age, I think."

Beta took a deep breath, but said nothing. A minute of silenced passed before Alpha muttered, "You still haven't explained how you're prince." He scoffed, "And of my kingdom! That would mean you would have to be related to me!"

Beta stared. "Alpha. There's only one person who could be the next prince."

A curious glance hardened into understanding, then a disbelieving, serious look. "No. There's no way that your're-"

A strangled laugh. "Koshu Inochi? Yeah, that's me. We all keep our secrets, Alpha."

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