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Welcome to the Drabblebook, a.k.a. bmkmb's Story Journal. I'll probably be more active here than on my sketchbook since I can do this on mobile, but I won't be making any promises.

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Started November 1st, 2019, Eastern Time
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Day 1 - The Awakening

Shadow awoke to loud clangings outside his tent. Where was he? He wasn't in the palace anymore, that was for sure. He didn't seem to have control of himself, either, he realized as he struggled not to fall back asleep despite the noise. What was going on? He didn't get it. Shadow's head fell back against... whatever he was sleeping on and his eyes fell shut. His name wasn't even Shadow, was it? The thought came when he was half alseep. And then he returned to his slumber.

The next time Shadow awoke, he felt that something was wrong. Scratch that, he knew that something was wrong. He had known that last time he managed to regain consciousness. He just hadn't had the strength to question it. He still didn't. He couldn't speak, couldn't move, not even lift his head; he fell asleep again.
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Day 2 - Consciousness

Star awoke also, staring up at the top of the tent. Unlike Shadow, she didn't feel weak. She was in her sleeping bag, nice and snug under the covers, when she got that annoying feeling where she needed to run. She didn't want to get up, but she needed to or the feeling would drive her insane. She struggled out of the sleeping bag in irritation and stood up. Then, it finally hit her. Where was she? They weren't in the castle. She didn't remember falling asleep. She walked a few paces forwards, then stumbled as a wave of fatigue hit her hard. She groaned. 'Wave of fatigue'? Where had that come from?

She crawled back warily to her sleeping bag and collapsed on top of it. This wasn't right. But then again, what was? Her life wasn't normal, that was for sure. She closed her eyes, hoping that all this would turn out to be a weird dream.
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Day 3 - Junkyard

I'm going to use today's post to bounce off some ideas I have for WaR. Prompt: psychological, apocalypse-now, pokemon
Basic Idea: humans destroyed the world a day ago, evil? pokemon contemplates the stupidity of humanity and how pokemon are so much better for now wanting things, humans are extinct, most legendaries are dead, pokemon goes around torturing whatever is still alive Pokemon thoughts: must be able to stand on two legs, dark-type? must have claws, probably a Zoroark, needs to be scary-looking, is a predator, (now I have a weird scene stuck in my head where He eats an innocent Butterfree *shivers*) so must be male

And there he stood, staring down the sun and the bloody sky that went along with it. 
And there he stood, his feet digging into the sea of rubble that once belonged to buildings. 

Starts out with Zoroark standing against the sunset, get a look into his mind and whatever crazy things are bouncing around in there (he might or might not be crazy for the sake of the psychological part) Zoroark walks through destroyed town, into the smoldering forest, does stuff, eats a Butterfree...)

Note: Okay, Junkyard time over. I guess I'm always open to suggestions. To anyone who's actually reading this, Star and Shadow's entries should be continuing tomorrow.
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Day 4 - Falling 

She was falling. She was falling, twisting, turning, drowning in darkness. It wasn't a weird dream. It was real.

As far as the eye could see, there was darkness. It was an endless sea of shadows, literally endless, so much that there was no point of seeing at all. Star was in the middle. 

Slowly, she reached out with her fingers. Nothing happened. Her heart skipped a beat, but wait - she had no heart. She had no body. Not here at least. 

She tried reaching out, to move, to do anything to reassure herself that she had a physical body, but nothing worked. Of course it didn't, she knew already that it wouldn't, but she needed something, anything! You don't know how she feels. You wouldn't. After all, there are very few ways to get trapped in the mind and there are even fewer ways to be forced into it. It looks like our villain of the day just found out how.
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Day 5 - Mindblown

The next time I wake up, darkness engulfs me. I'm falling, then twisting, shriveling up, before a warm feeling latches onto me and stays there. And... where am I? Am I saying this out loud? Oh, the mindscape. The realization hits me hard, then a hundred more questions attack me. But first, let me clarify things. My name is... actually, telling you isn't exactly a good idea, is it. I barely know who you are, better keep myself under wraps. So let's try again. You can call me Shade. Here, we're in the mindscape. There's nothing here, just darkness. This is the true oblivion. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: don't most people portray the mindscape with doors? So let me explain. This is the mindscape. But we are in my mind. I am in my mind, so how does my mind know what to think? It doesn't, because the one who does the thinking is currently detached from it. That is the difference from hiding in your mind and being forced into your mind. When you're forced, your completely detached. Which brings me to the next question. Who in the world did this to me and curse Arceus what did they do with Star?! Because if she's experiencing this too, then I will kill them all because they have no idea what they're doing to her. I do. I've seen her at her worst. And whatever happens next, it is not going to be good.
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Day 6 - Glow

She was going to go insane. If she didn't do something, anything, she was going to go insane. She hated having no body. Even when she had had one, Star never had been the type of person who could just wait things out and sit still. She got it from her mother, she noted wryly, a mother that was dead.

But back to the point, she was going to go insane. It was torture for her for it to literally be impossible for her to do anything. (I quickly apologize for all the "for"s in that sentence.) She just couldn't stand it. She begged for it to end. But just when it was about to break her, she remembered: the Memory. The Memory that was going to be her saving grace. 

She held it close to, reminiscing that time, letting it tell her what to do. And she knew. As long as she held the Memory close, she would survive. She knew what to do.
Day 7 - The Memory (Part 1 out of 3)

Star didn't nderstand what was going on. All she knew was that something had happened, and then she had been falling, though not literally, twisting into the darkness. She wasn't scared, bot yet. In fact, she was more confused than anything. It took some time before it hit her, the fact that she had no body. And then the realisticness of all came rushing back: she was in the middle of who-knew-where and had no idea how to get out.This was bad. Very bad. She needed help.

Unsure of what to do next, Star tried calling out. Um... Hello? Is anyone out there? but to her horror, it didn't come out of her mouth. Instead, it was like a though echoing throughout her mind.

Taking a deep breath (or at least the closest one could get to a deep breath without an actual nose) Star waited a few seconds before trying again, hoping that what she had heard was a mistake. H-hello? she asked again. Once again, another echo. It wasn't a mistake.
Day 8 - The Memory (Part 2 out of 3)

Star was officially scared. In fact, this was probably the most nervous she'd felt since... since... since school, probably. Even when she faced down Team RR, nervous hadn't been her thing. 

The trainer didn't try to do anything, instead calming herself by focusing onher breathing. Her breathing, which currently didn't exist. It worked. Sort of.

A golden portal opened up in her line of view and despite having been in nothing but darkness, she was still able to see it perfectly clearly. She willed herself closer to it and looked inside...

A teenaged girl with black-brown hair and unnaturally red, glowing eyes scowled, her grip tightening around the black and red pokeball she had in her hand. 

Star felt like her stomach had flipped. That girl  - with the exception of the glowing, red eyes - she looked like her. And that pokeball  - a Signature Ball - that was familiar, too. It was Saber's. 

Star shut her eyes, and even though she didn't have them, it was still able to block the portal from her view. After shehad been sent here, what had happened to her body? She tried to remember, but couldn't couldn't couldn't snd the 'what if's started spiraling around her head. Who was she? Why couldn't she remember? Who was she? 

She was starting to get hysterical, but Staq couldn't bring herself to care. Why should she? She didn't even know who she was.
Day 9 - The Memory (Part 3 out of 3)

Star. No, Star. The voice penetrated through her thoughts and it was sounding more irritated by the second. Star paid no attention to it, to busy trying to figure out what was going on. No, Star, I'm over here - damn you, pay attention to me!

Star flinched at the tone of its voice and obeyed, focusing onto the presence. It was too commanding not to do so. There we go, it sighed in relief. Now they were getting somewhere.

A guarded feeling surrounded Star's nonexistent form. Who are you? she questioned suspiciously. Or maybe what are you would've been more accurate.

Mock exasperation surrounded the presence. I am not an it, the voice huffed indignantly, and for your information, I am male.

If she'd had them, Star would've rolled her eyes. Yeah, but who are you, she asked again. You didn't answer the question.

Silence. Then, a quiet, You don't know?

Incredulousness. Don't know what?

There was another long pause before it - no, he - answered. Then you can call me Shadow.

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