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so this is gonna be my story journal! there'll likely be a variety of little things here, things to flesh out my characters and immerse myself more in my pokemon world. works will likely be cross-posted on archive of our own, so if you see them there don't worry! it's me too.

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"This is freakin' insane."

Kazuichi Souda groans and looks over at his boyfriend, Gundham Tanaka, who's laying on the pillows on the floor next to him. They've probably got about twenty fans going right now, but it's not enough. The intense heat swept into their school fast, covering Hope's Peak and everyone in it in what felt like a thick, heavy blanket of fire. If it gets any hotter, Kazuichi thinks, he might just explode.

Normally, the air conditioner would be on, but it's broken. This would be something Kazuichi could fix, being the Ultimate Mechanic and all, but for whatever reason he's not allowed to go poking around at the vents and such. So he's stuck suffering with everyone else.

Gundham's probably hotter than he is right now, though. As soon as the A/C failed, he went to check on all of the school's Pokemon and make sure none of them would be harmed from the failure. It's his job to care for them, and he takes it incredibly seriously, even outside of being the Ultimate Breeder.

For once, his scarf is off, and his Togedemaru -- the Four Dark Devas of Destruction, or as Kazuichi refers to them, his stepchildren -- are resting not too far away under the desk. It's a little cooler there, closer to the ground and underneath the shade of the table. Kazuichi would crawl under there too if he was small enough. For now, though, all he and Gundham can do is lie on the floor. Kazuichi took off his shirt a long time ago, and elected to wear a pair of shorts instead of the sweatpants he might normally put on.

Gundham, on the other hand, is still in his shirt and binder, his characteristic coat not far away, his legs still painfully covered by his jeans. He's quite obviously uncomfortable, but Kazuichi doesn't press, because he knows why he won't take them off. A poor self-image is a difficult enemy to battle.

On Kazuichi's other side, his Porygon, Data, whirs away, the little Pokemon's internal and external fans working in near-overdrive to keep it from overheating. Data doesn't particularly like the Pokeball, so as long as it can keep itself somewhat cool this way, Kazuichi won't force it in. Plus, the extra breeze from the Porygon's fans feels pretty nice on his face.

Then, he thinks about the suffering Gundham, and turns his head towards Data. It's about all the movement he can manage right now. "Psst, Data. Go sit next to Gundham," he murmurs. The Porygon whirs and chirps in response, then floats over to Gundham's side, resting beside his head. Gundham almost doesn't notice until a few moments later, but when he does, he gives a little smile in Kazuichi's direction.

Maybe there's one good thing about the heat.

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characters: Gundham Tanaka, Kazuichi Souda (Super DanganRonpa 2)
pokemon: Data the Porygon, others mentioned
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Main Characters of the Pokeverse, and their Teams

Pokemon Main Verse

Storm is the first child and oldest son of Jessie and James. He's thirteen years old, choosing to wait three years before starting his Pokemon journey in order to do more studying on the world of Pokemon. He's half-blind and deaf and uses a multitude of accessibility aids to help him get around, as well as using his service Pokemon -- a Growlithe named Blitzen. So far, his team only consists of Blitzen and his Meowth, Chiara, the talking daughter of the original Team Rocket's Meowth and Giovanni's Persian.

Planned Encounters

Honey the Female Bulbasaur - Starter Pokemon from Liz
Mitsy the Female Togepi - captured on journey
Nero the Male Ralts - rescue
Henry the Male Skitty - battle capture
Rutherford the Male Espurr - battle capture
??? the Male Eevee - ???
??? the Male Vulpix - ???
??? the Female Murkrow - ???

cc: 880
characters: Storm (next gen OC)
pokemon: several

--- This doesn't count for the journal I just wanted to update ---

Ruby is the oldest son of Ash, Misty, and Kiawe, and the oldest of their kids as a whole. He's twelve years old and Storm's best friend. He, too, decided to wait to set off on his journey, despite his parents all having started when they were ten. He didn't want to leave without Storm being there. He's a little bit of a troublemaker. So far, his team consists of Bolt, a Pichu and the son of Ash's Pikachu, and Chomper, a male Fennekin he got as his starter.

Planned Encounters

??? the Female Rapidash - ???
??? the Male Galvantula - ???
??? the Female Cherubi - rescue
??? the Male Mudkip - battle capture
??? the Female Rowlett - friendship capture


Amel Kirkland-Jones is the oldest son of Alfred F. Jones (America) and Arthur Kirkland (England/Britain), and the oldest of all of their ten children. He's sixteen years old and is used to being in charge, often the one giving orders and taking charge in the friend group. He tries to act prim and proper, but every once and a while the American in him comes out. He's honestly very kind at heart, he just doesn't quite know how to show it. His father was a champion, and he wants to be one, too, to live up to his legacy. His team as of now consists of Sparky, a female Pichu, and Duke, a male Growlithe who doesn't fight due to an injury.
[Screen opens completely black. A voice narrates from off-screen.]

NARRATOR: Life is a strong, complex thing. Humans barely understand its full meaning, even after existing for millions of years. For a long time, too, we foolishly believed that we were alone in the universe.

[Screen fades in to a view of the world, but not a world we would be familiar with seeing; this is the Pokemon world.]

NARRATOR: Humans have trouble admitting that we don't know everything, so instead we act like we have all the answers. But approximately twenty years ago, everything changed for the world we know as the Pokemon world.

[Screen zooms in on the planet, and the view is now from the ground, looking up towards the sky. All appears to be normal for a moment, until a crack opens in the sky and a bright light beams out through it. For the rest of the monologue, different scenes flash on the screen, mostly of people in different situations, as well as Pokemon.]

NARRATOR: It was as though the sky itself had opened up and split the universe. According to people who were there, that's exactly what it felt like, anyway. People tried to brush it off at first as some kind of strange natural phenomenon, but then... people started showing up. People who didn't exist before that moment in our reality.

NARRATOR: According to my parents, the adjustment was difficult for a lot of people, and many of the newcomers ended up sticking together. They came from different worlds, different timelines, with different traditions and customs and... everything, really. But, eventually, life falls into familiar patterns. They learned to live here, and grew up, had kids of their own and built their own homes.

NARRATOR: But it was inevitable that, one day, their kin would reach out to find other places to live. Eventually, they would want to know the world beyond the neighborhoods they grew up in.

[Scenes cut to a scene of a boy sitting upright on a hill. The hill is covered with wildflowers of many colors. He reaches to the side and plucks a single purple flower from the ground and holds it between his fingers.]

NARRATOR: That's more or less where I come in. I was born seven years after The Rift -- seven years to the day, in fact. Today marks my thirteenth birthday, and twenty years since The Rift. It also marks ten years since I met Mew, and was blessed by them. A lot of people in my world would call my memories a work of fiction, something that couldn't possibly be true... but I know.

NARRATOR: My name is Storm Fujimoto, and when I was three years old, I spoke to a Mew, and we bonded. Now I have to find them again.

cc: 2,605
character: Storm
pokemon: mentioned
[Scene opens to a pale blue-violet haired boy standing on the edge of a porch, connected to a modest-sized house. At his side sits a young Growlithe, ears pricked and alert, ready to act if his partner deems it necessary. The boy leans down a little to scratch behind the Growlithe's ears.]

STORM: [excitedly] Today's the day, Blitzen. I get to start my Pokemon journey today... and try to find Mew again.

BLITZEN: Growl! [His tail wags excitedly.]

STORM: Yeah, I know, it's pretty exciting, isn't it?

STORM: [narrating] I had to wait three extra years to go on my journey, because I wanted to learn more about the world we lived in. I wanted to be a step ahead when the time came for me to go; that's just the kind of person I am.

???: [from off-screen] Hey, kiddo, you're up early.

(Next scene: James and Storm have a nice talk. Storm reflects on his family life. At some point, they go inside so Storm can say goodbye to Jessie before setting off to meet Ruby at Liz’s lab.)

cc: 971
characters: Storm, James for a single sentence
pokemon: Blitzen the Growlithe
The short red-haired magician awakes to Tenko's excited cry right next to her sleeping face. Completely unprepared for this action, Himiko gives a loud yelp and rolls over...
And promptly rolls right off her bed onto the floor. Majestic.
"Himiko! This is no time to be playing games on the floor," Tenko scolds, running around to the other side of her bed and picking Himiko up. She gives a soft "nyeh!" of disagreement as she's plopped back onto her bed. The first thing Himiko tries to do is, of course, put her head on her pillow and go back to sleep, but she finds that her pillow has been replaced...
Her eyes spring open as she looks down. "Harry? You too?"
Harry Houdini, her Mimikyu partner, cackles in response. 'Sorry Himiko... candy from Tenko was just too good of a deal to resist!'
"You are no friend of mine," Himiko deadpans, turning her face away from Harry and leaning in the other direction. Tenko has seated herself beside her, so instead of falling on her side onto the bed, Himiko finds herself leaning into the Aikido Master's lean, muscled body. "Tenkoooo... your muscles are so hard..."
"That's the point!" Tenko chirps, rubbing Himiko's head. "Anyway, this is no time to be sleeping, Himiko! There are far more important things we have to do today!"
"No there's not," Himiko whines. "Sleeping is the most important thing in life."
"That's sadly false," Tenko shakes her head. "But don't you remember? What's happening the day after tomorrow?"
The look on Himiko's face clearly tells her she doesn't. Harry doesn't help her out with the answer, instead deciding to take his time chewing on the fabric of Himiko's favorite pillow.
"Nnnh!" Tenko flaps her arms a little, both excited and a tiny bit frustrated. "It's the start of the brand-new Hope's Peak Gay Club's Pride Camp! You and I signed up at the end of the year last year, remember? We could get in big trouble if we don't go, and also, it's gonna be super fun!"
"You mean the thing you twisted my arm to do," Himiko mutters. She's never been big on social interaction of any kind. It's sort of a miracle she agreed to attend Hope's Peak in the first place. "I don't wanna go..."
"Well that's too bad, 'cause you signed your name right next to mine on this paper --" and here, Tenko produces a signed paper that, indeed, has Himiko's scrawling signature on it, "-- so we both have to go! And even though I told him not to, Sensei sent me money so the two of us could go shopping for some fancy new clothes to wear to the opening ceremony!"
"Why can't I just wear what I already have?" Himiko asks. She has a feeling that she's not going to get out of this, but she sure as hell can try.
"Because, everyone needs new clothes for a new experience! It's good for your heart and soul! Not to mention your health!" Tenko chirps. She extends a hand to Himiko as she finally jumps up off of her bed. "C'mon, let's get you up and dressed and then we can go shopping! We're gonna have so much fun, Himiko~"
"Nyeh... I don't know what your definition of "fun" is... but it's certainly different from mine," Himiko huffs, brushing strands of bright red hair from her eyes as she finally gets out of bed. Harry follows her, floating from the pillow down to the floor carefully, so as not to damage his costume. "But I can tell... you're not gonna let me get out of this, so I guess I'll come along..." Secretly, Himiko really did want to spend time with Tenko before the camp started, if only because a part of her knows that social butterfly Tenko will definitely leave her behind when she finds more people like her.
"Yay!" Tenko squeals in excitement and hugs Himiko close, even while she squirms like an impudent kitten. "You won't regret it, Himiko! We're gonna have fun, just you wait!"
"You already said that..."
All the while Himiko gets dressed, she can't help but think about how nice it felt to be in Tenko's arms.

cc: 3,886
characters: himiko yumeno, tenko chabashira
pokemon: harry houdini the mimikyu
511 words, 2843 cc currently. TW for suicide mention further down!

Syobai Hashimoto has not dreamed in color in five years.

He's not entirely sure why it stopped, and isn't exactly sure when, either. It's not like he dreamed very much to begin with... not in pictures, anyway. He doesn't even sleep that much. Especially not since the war that tore the world apart, and the ensuing viral disease that killed many who had managed to survive the nuclear fallout. He can barely find the time to sleep, really. Who has time for something so trivial nowadays?

Syobai fought in the war all those years ago, and survived the Great Dying that ensued afterwards. It's not even like he fought because he particularly cared about others, or was patriotic in any way; he only fought because it would ensure his survival, and then...

Then things started to change. It's kind of -- well, more than kind of -- extremely strange that it would take the death of nearly half of the human population for the world to open up to him. The color in his dreams is replaced by color in the world.

When everything finally starts to settle down, it's the Pokemon who return to normal first. Not entirely surprising; those who weren't used as weapons in the war quickly go back to their homes. Finding those homes in ruins, they simply move on and find new ones, unlike the human beings who mourn and cry over piles of bricks and wood. Syobai never understood why people cared so much for structures. Structures aren't people. He's never even cried over a person before, and those objectively have more worth than a structure ever could.

Even the ones who were a part of the war more or less try to go back to life as normal. Most of them end up being the support their masters need to keep going, despite their own inner pain and turmoil. Syobai feels more sympathy for them than any person. After all, the war and its fallout were man-made. The Pokemon were simply dragged into it, innocent bystanders turned into unwilling participants in a system built against them.
He has to admit, it's a familiar story.

Maybe he sees himself in the strange creatures. He's started feeding a family of Skitty who live on the outskirts of his property, a half-acre stretch of mostly woodland on the edge of town. Sora teases him about it when she sees the bowls, but Syobai doesn't humor her with a response.
Sora's one of the few people besides Mikado who Syobai still keeps in touch with. Turns out you tend to develop a pretty close relationship with the person who finds you choking on a handful of pills at 3 AM in the bathroom.

But back to the dreams in color. They haven't exactly come randomly, if he's being honest. They coincide with something, the appearance of something -- someone -- alongside the dull hum-drum of the rest of his dream-scape. It's simple, and maybe it doesn't mean anything, but he can't help but think it's not a coincidence.
TW for pregnancy mention at the end

It's truly wild, Syobai thinks, how life can change in the blink of an eye, or with just two words. That day, his life changes so massively, it feels like everything is happening so fast, too fast, the old him would've jumped ship without a second thought. But this is the new him. The new Syobai Hashimoto, who's been through a war and a virus and fell in love afterwards, all of those things being things he never thought he was capable of doing or living through.

But back to the life-changing events.

It involves the man he's fallen in love with, coincidentally enough. Future Foundation keeps them both fairly busy these days, so Syobai isn't expecting him to be home when he gets there, but there he is. He's sitting in the living room on the couch, his hands resting on his knees, looking deep in thought. Mikado goes without his mask more often than not these days, so both sides of his face are visible, and both look deeply troubled.

Syobai is on alert almost immediately.

"Hey," he greets, slipping all the way through the door before shutting it behind him. "You're home early."

Mikado nods, doesn't say anything until Syobai settles himself on the couch next to him, slides a hand over one of his own and laces his fingers with his. They fit perfectly in the gaps between his own, a reminder of how close they've gotten over the years. He takes a little breath, then exhales slowly.

"I'm pregnant."

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