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Day 69 - Streak Day 18 - March 25, 2020


Working on the Bleach story! Trying to set up a vague sense of story structure now that I have, for oNCE IN MY URPG LIFE, something relatively self-contained. Figures it's the goddamn crossover lmaoooo.

Letter Count CC: 1,262 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,228

- Story starts off in forest
- Confused wanderings, mention of a portal, Ichigo's "fault"
- Hitsugaya disgruntled, can't contact Soul Society; far as they know they're just in some random forest
- Possible run-ins with "strange creatures"
- Possibly make a ruckus upon entering the nearest city/town because they don't know how tf anything works here???

- Meets Prof Oak somehow, probably inadvertently catches his attention in the ruckus
- Oak gives info, strikes a deal
- Starters selected
- Travel begins

- Tasked to go see Bill first? Picking up parts, or?
- Run into mild shenanigans along the way, callout of game mechanics, etc
- [???]
- End of section has some tidbits of mystery... for... something idk what yet oof

- Something something "something's not right", beyond the weird mystery signals
- More trouble occurs as they continue traveling, hints at [???]
- Gym Leaders tip them off about mystery goings-on???
- uhhhhhh

Climax as far as climax goes here, anyway
- Something something Mew
- Something something Mewtwo???
- Trouble[???] resolves [ what is going on here even ]

- Head back to Oak
- Machine to send them home is done, Oak and Bill say farewells
- Pokemon get their farewells too
- Head home
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Day 70 - Streak Day 19 - March 26, 2020

Lil snippet of the Bleach story, near the beginning. Playing around with present tense for this one, unlike my usual non-RP writings which have thus far been wholly past tense.

Letter Count CC: 895 -|- Google Docs CC: 891

They continue snipping at each other as they go, but it's mostly for show; Hitsugaya can't really be too upset. Frankly, he's not even surprised at this point. The kid's a veritable chaos magnet, after all. Any number of bizarre and inexplicable things tend to happen around him, including, but not limited to, conspiracies, rebellions, and dimensional disasters on a world-ending scale...

Granted, random pink vortexes that suddenly grab you and spit you out in the middle of a forest seem fairly benign in comparison, but Hitsugaya's sure they go somewhere in the realm of Ichigo's weirdness factor, just as he's sure that whoever is behind it will be trying to kill them soon. Kind of an occupational hazard at this point, for Captains and "friends of Ichigo" alike.

Hitsugaya's not too sure if falling into both categories doubles his chances, but he's probably better off not calculating.
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Day 71 - Streak Day 20 - March 27, 2020

Another Bleach story excerpt. this thing needs a working title oof. You ever realize just how big certain Pokemon are?

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[...]interrupted by the passing of a black and gray canine the size of a large wolf that thankfully does no more than give a disinterested glance as it lopes past. Above, a group of enormous butterflies maybe a foot or so shorter than Hitsugaya - ridiculous by butterfly standards - drift along in the breeze, scattering dust from their wings.

Suddenly feeling eyes upon him, he looks back to see a massive brown owl watching from beneath a tree, intense, unblinking eyes gazing out beneath a feathered crest. It looks intimidating enough, but that isn't even the unnerving part. No, that status goes to the fact that the bird is literally taller than him. He could probably ride the damn thing if it let him. Or if he had any desire to move closer whatsoever.

They've dealt with Hollows. They're used to the idea of giant monsters. They're even used to giant monsters trying to kill them.

They are not, however, used to giant pets. And if these are anything to go by, they're going to have a hell of a time dealing with the wildlife.
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Day 72 - Streak Day 21 - March 28, 2020

Trying to figure out the Bleach story a bit more, specifically regarding the birds.

Letter Count CC: 1,686 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,678

So the weird mystery signals that has Oak all concerned (or at least three, still dunno how many for sure) are in the birds' dens, blah blah blah. Problem is this story takes place after Red's whole journey and after GSC/HGSS, so given the changes from those games, the birds aren't in their old spots. ...Which means I need to figure out where they go instead.

Moltres will be hiding out on Cinnabar Island I think, since volcano and all. Although I need some reason they can't just take a boat or something over there at first given that Pallet Town is directly north of it...

Zapdos... maybe around the bicycle road? Celadon's close and that's a lot of buildings needing a lot of electricity... Or maybe in some off-route forested area between Vermillion City and Lavender Town, give it a bit more distance. *looks at LGPE map* Or maybe it's still right by the Power Plant but just in the mountains instead whatever idk.

Articuno will either be on Mt. Silver or north of Mt. Moon depending on where I want the plot to go. Protags do need to be able to actually get to said dens to figure out the signals, so. Out of the way enough to avoid most nosy trespassers but not far enough to ridiculously impede the Bleach crew... Need to fill in the gaps on my WIP outline, plot still has some kinks to work out before I get too settled on where they all go tbh.

Oak doesn't know exactly what's in these locations, for the record, but given Red's journey and what he was told about that (something something Red met the birds back then), along with some elemental data, he has a pretty solid guess. He'll warn the group ahead of time about his theory and tell them to be extra cautious.
Day 73 - Streak Day 22 - March 29, 2020

Bleach story tidbits.

Letter Count CC: 1,439 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,429

Re: the question of starters, Squirtle and Bulbasaur don't feel as good a fit for Hitsugaya and Rangiku (in either combination) as Charmander for Ichigo does, so I'm thinking I'll give them something to set up the same Fire/Ice/Electric theme as the legendary birds. Something something thematic parallels, idk.

Don't want to use Seel or Shellder lines for mobility issues though (same with Lapras), and Jynx would be,,, weird,,, so I might roll with one of the Alolan forms? Electric-wise... Voltorb and Magnemite lines are out, which iirc leaves Pichu/Pikachu and Elekid/Electabuzz. With Pikachu being Pikachu, I think I'll go with the latter for some variety. (Kanto or Kanto-related Pokemon because theming, I guess. Iunno, using other off-region 'mons doesn't feel right for this.)

Does mean there won't be any fun evolutionary line parallels Digimon style, but eh, I'll live.


So Oak also tells them to go up to see Bill, presumably for some sort of sciency thing. Does he have parts that Oak can use in whatever device he's putting together to get the Bleach crew home? Actually on that note, does Oak and Bill even make sense for building some kind of go-home portal? (Was it a teleporter that Bill made or something else? If it was a teleporter than we're probably cool actually.)

Might also make more sense for Oak to have contacted Bill to build the go-home portal there rather than in Pallet Town wherever Oak's lab is.
Day 74 - Streak Day 23 - March 30, 2020

Jotting down notes for Espero's den and nearby area. Need to google waterfalls and such to really pin things down, but this is good to start me off.

Letter Count CC: 1,332 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,322

- Cascade Falls, close enough to the main waterfalls to have one of his own but far enough that it's smaller and quieter.

- The rock walls allow for some shelter and privacy, curving over the pool at the top and receding further down. A sizable hole hides behind the waterfall, a good start to a potential cavern if Espero wanted to take it up as a project.

- Pool is reasonably shallow, not much risk of drowning at Espero's Zoroark size. Probably about waist-deep for most of it, getting deeper closer to the center and base of the waterfall. The water is blue and clean.

- Tall trees nearby add additional shelter and help hide the spot from wanderers, but there's enough of a gap in the canopy between the trees below and trees on the cliff above to get plenty of light. Finding the hideaway from the air would be much easier than finding it from the ground.

- About 3/4 of the pool is bordered by rock, either by the cliffs or rocky shores. The rest has grass, which extends further into the tree line as far as the gap above permits.

- Espero's started moving stones from the pool and base of the cliff. What he hasn't used in the immediate area, he's placed in small rows further into the jungle. For now, they point in the direction of home, but eventually he intends to place proper markers and a bit more of a border.
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Day 75 - Streak Day 24 - March 31, 2020

Prodding a Bleach story scene. I definitely want some sort of Viridian Forest shenanigans, but the how/why of it is still up in the air.

Letter Count CC: 1,063 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,049

The forest goes silent.

Ichigo shifts warily on his feet, glancing at the trees. Charmander's claws dig more firmly into his shoulder, its tail curling around his neck.

"Uh, you guys think we should..." Ichigo begins, before a new noise fills the gap.


What starts as a low, steady hum picks up into a waspish, furious drone echoing all around them. Ichigo makes out bits of yellow and black between the green leaves before the source is revealed - and "waspish" proves to be terrifyingly accurate, because the source comes in the form of dozens of three-foot-tall monster wasps emerging from the trees. Bulbous red eyes, pairs of diaphanous wings, the familiar colored rings that scream "stay away"...

And then the relative normalcy ends with their goddamn lances for arms.

Wait, no, that's still sort of familiar, because ridiculous limb weaponry means they'd fit right in with the Hollows back home. That's disturbing.

Ichigo spreads his stance, watching, tensing. Even without Zangetsu, beating these oversized bugs should be a piece of cake...
Day 76 - Streak Day 25 - April 1, 2020

Thinking about a similar concept for a different thing gave me the itch to think about it for Pokemon too lmao. Harder to pin down what I want to do with this, though.

Letter Count CC: 876 -|- Google Docs CC: 862

Coffee Shop AU! Well, "AU"

- Thinking somewhere in Galar, probably Motostoke?

- Family-owned? Multi-story building, main floor has the shop (cafe?) while upper floors have... idk other stuff, depends where I want to go with this.

- Probably not just a coffee shop, there's prob a cafe area and a general hangout spot. Place has a cozy atmosphere, warm earthy tones, wood aesthetic? time to binge Google

- Not a romance story lmao

- Protag will be a wild/stray Pokemon who either happens to wander in one day OR someone in the shop finds them out back and gives them food/etc. Something something friendship over time blah blah blah.

- Pretty slice-of-life-y probably? Not much action going on, just life through the lens of x Pokemon in a coffee shop. Very chill, very short, so on.

- Side characters may include another wild/stray, some of the cafe guests, cafe owner?
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