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welcome to The Messiest Journal™

will probably not be another Sketchbook situation but we'll see what happens lmao

November 2019 - Day 1 - Day 9
December - Day 10 - Day 19
January 2020 - Day 20
March 2020 - Day 51
April 2020 - Day 76
August 2020 - Day 79

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S t o r y l i n e . T r a c k e r

Kouryu's Stories:
Entry 3 - Pre-Park start. Kouryu gets a call from his mother.
Entry 9 - Post-Park start. Kouryu gets a call from a mysterious agency.
Entry 14 - Post-Park start. Starting on the general outline of events for the PMD adventure.
Entry 15 - Post-Park start. Fleshing out characters for the PMD adventure.
Entry 16 - PMD adventure. Scene with Sojiro and Rasa, touching on telepathy.
Entry 18 - PMD adventure. Scene with Rasa + Kou's group, checking out the Wormhole.
Entry 19 - PMD adventure. Scene continuing from previous day's post.
Entry 20 - PMD adventure. Scene with Kouryu and Sojiro, chatting about experience.
Entry 22 - Post-PMD. Scene with Kouryu and Sojiro pondering Kou's cynicism before Something New™ happens.
Entry 23 - Post-PMD. Continuing from previous day's post. Danger approaches.
Entry 40 - Post-"danger approaches." A strange dream and oh look a new adventure, how 'bout that.
Entry 41 - Post-PMD, continuing from "danger approaches." Reshiram calls out.
Entry 43 - Post-PMD but possibly pre-Reshiram idk; adventures in Orre, starting a battle with some mysterious random blonde lady.
Entry 44 - Adventures in Orre; general note tidbits.
Entry 45 - Reshiram situation; Reshiram and Sigma know things Kouryu doesn't.
Entry 46 - ???; Kouryu gets dragged through a creepy place.

Thoran & Co's Verse:
Entry 1 - Pondering plot and setup for Thoran's capture story.
Entry 6 - Introducing Cinder Crown characters and concepts.
Entry 7 - Pondering worldbuilding for the full 'verse.
Entry 8 - Expanding a bit on characters for Thoran's story.

Alt Verse - "Without":
Entry 10 - Setting up basic concepts and characters.
Entry 11 - Considering status of the regions.
Entry 12 - Fleshing out Silas's team.
Entry 13 - Misc. considerations; Silas and his parents, names for his team, etc.
Entry 21 - Throwing around ideas for Things That Probably Happen.
Entry 24 - Digging a bit more into alt!Mewtwo/Amber.
Entry 25 - Spitballing ideas for a Nuzlocke run with Silas and Silver, somewhere.
Entry 26 - Thoughts on Silas and Silver's background.
Entry 27 - The experiment begins. A peek into Silas's perspective.
Entry 28 - Continuing from previous day's post. Silas gets a taste of something new.
Entry 29 - Some starting notes on who's where and doing what, subject to change.
Entry 30 - Nuzlocke; dialogue tidbits for Silas and Silver.
Entry 32 - Nuzlocke; messy notes on the Silas+Silver dynamic.
Entry 33 - Nuzlocke; more messy notes, some questions and some worldbuilding and such.
Entry 34 - Nuzlocke; asking myself yet more questions.
Entry 77 - Misc scene of Silas in Castelia, angsting pondering a certain interaction.
Entry 78 - Nuzlocke; misc tidbits and thoughts, touching a bit on AZ and languages.
Entry 82 - More Poke Ball stuff, +Without 'verse context.
Entry 95 - Nuzlocke; notes for the start of the run.
Entry 96 - Nuzlocke; more misc notes.
Entry 97 - Nuzlocke; misc thinking out loud.
Entry 98 - Nuzlocke; laying down some base personality tidbits for the rival trio.
Entry 99 - Nuzlocke; more rival trio tidbits.
Entry 101 - Nuzlocke; misc ideas + info on capture zones.
Entry 102 - Nuzlocke; Zapdos cafe scene concept.
Entry 103 - Nuzlocke; dreams and Rocket activity concepts.

Steampunk: (previously for WaR 2019)
Entry 2 - Protag dislikes a bug.
Entry 4 - Worldbuilding and character thoughts.

Entry 47 - Part of the legend of Lugia.
Entry 48 - Meet the protag.
Entry 49 - Rough summary thing of the first portion of the story.
Entry 50 - Brief overview on what Pokemon are like in this 'verse and some of their dynamics with humans.

Entry 52 - Trying to refine the initial concept into something story-shaped.
Entry 53 - Various tidbits.

Anthros story:
Entry 58 - First seeds of worldbuilding tidbits.
Entry 59 - Maybe settled on the(/a) plotline.
Entry 60 - More worldbuilding tidbits, touching a tad on legends, species, moon ghosts Cleffa line.
Entry 61 - Worldbuilding tidbits, touching on "animates," "multiples," fossils, and bugs.
Entry 62 - More worldbuilding, touching on artificial Pokemon and their roles in this verse.
Entry 63 - Random junk I'm asking myself, also a note on Cut trees.
Entry 64 - Random vague plotline concepts.
Entry 65 - Starting to puzzle out the protagonists.

Bleach crossover:
Entry 66 - Initial ideas.
Entry 68 - Plot tidbits, questions, and considering who I want to involve.
Entry 69 - Building up basic story structure.
Entry 70 - Small excerpt; Hitsugaya on Ichigo's weirdness factor.
Entry 71 - Small excerpt; Pokemon are big.
Entry 72 - Where do birds go.
Entry 73 - Thinking about starters and part of Oak's fetch quests tasks for the group.
Entry 75 - Trouble with bees.

URPG Roleplays:
Entry 67 - Working on an Espero post in Cascade Falls.
Entry 74 - Notes on Espero's Cascade Falls den.
Entry 81 - Pondering D&D alignments for the crew.

Things That May Not Go Anywhere:
Entry 5 - Kyurem seeks answers.
Entry 17 - Six Blades; starting on basic plot/character thoughts.
Entry 35 - New ideas; "The Hearthome House."
Entry 42 - New ideas; Pokemon/HP fusion, magic kids and magic Pokemon going to a magic school.
Entry 51 - Crowking; drafting the beginning story for main character Corviknight.
Entry 76 - Coffee Shop AU???
Entry 83 - Another new idea; The Casuals, in which a Normal Person™ suddenly gets saddled with the care of an injured legendary.
Entry 85 - Wisps of a tentative Druddigon story concept.
Entry 86 - Considering the Druddigon story buyer character.
Entry 87 - Still considering the Druddigon buyer character.
Entry 88 - Buyer's out, thiefy rogue is in.
Entry 89 - Tidbits for thiefy rogue.
Entry 90 - Tidbits for Druddigon.
Entry 91 - Druddigon story, pondering the setting.
Entry 92 - New story concept, fantasy AU with Pokemon on floating islands.
Entry 93 - More floating islands story concepts.
Entry 94 - Druddigon story outline.
Entry 100 - Misc ideas, Among Us and WtNV.

General Worldbuilding:
Entry 31 - Blabbering on about Pokemon variations, thereby allowing me to throw them into everything I touch.
Entry 36 - Some general info on human psychics.
Entry 37 - Blabbering about the types of psychic shielding.
Entry 38 - Some general info on psychic teaming.
Entry 39 - Touching on info relating to mental policing and effects of prolonged mental exposure.
Entry 54 - Some vague general info starting to dig into the concept of Chosen.
Entry 55 - On Chosen and Conduits.
Entry 56 - On Unown.
Entry 57 - On legendaries and inaction.
Entry 79 - On kids and Trainers.
Entry 80 - On Poke Ball mechanics.
Entry 82 - More Poke Ball stuff, +Without 'verse context.
Entry 84 - On Poke Ball durability.
Day 1 - November 2, 2019

Tossing around messy initial concepts for a Spheal capture. Was supposed to just be a short and cute thing because it's Simple Rank darn it but my brain,,, just,,, can't do short and simple, I guess, LOL. There is so much going on here already. What even is a stopping point.

Letter Count CC: 1,742 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,732

Spheal and Cubchoo, couple of kids, friends. arctic landscape, out in the snow, one leading the other to something; fallen star? secret treasure? secret hideout? chasing stories? test of bravery? all of the above somehow?

OR: hole opened up in the ice, ~mysteries~ inside, kids go exploring and run into something that shouldn't be there. either befriend the thing or "narrowly escape with their lives"??? or maybe something's frozen in the ice that they inadvertently end up waking up/releasing and then that happens? kids return home, unharmed and unaware of the implications of the event.

[ was Thing™ sealed as imprisonment? if so, why, and why were other actions not taken instead? ]

home is a town at the heart of the "Polar Kingdom", built in the shadow of a massive, jagged mountain of ice. said mountain functions as a castle and is where the ruler and nobles live. OR maybe what the kids find is a secret tunnel into the ice mountain and THAT's where the Thing™ is? something something coverup and deception? something something crooked ruler plotting something nasty? HMM

Beartic guard approaches at their return, stern reprimand, maybe drops additional hints for the reader that Not All Is Well. preparing for war? ill omens of a coming disaster? expecting a visitor, possibly an envoy from a neighboring and/or enemy kingdom, or maybe some sort of seer to give guidance In These Trying Times. kids probably see Mystery Guest arrive and get ushered into the ice castle before scampering off and doing whatever it is kids do.

ALTERNATE CONCEPT: the kids are just going off to visit someone, storyteller or fortune teller or magician or something, and they have a grand ol' time and things are NICE AND SHORT AND SWEET THE END.
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Day 2 - November 3, 2019

Pondering things for WaR! I still don't know where anything is going but this scene just sort of unfolded a bit on its own, so I figured I'd roll with it. Will probably end up changing quite a bit if I ever get to plotting/writing the full thing.

Letter Count CC: 1,511 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,490

and nearly walked face-first into a low-hanging lantern, which NAME2 quickly lit.

in the cramped space. Blocky metal cabinets bore the weight of scattered gears and pipes, themselves bearing the dust of several years. PROTAG took in the sight with arms akimbo.

"Why have you not cleaned this up yet?"

"My apologies," he said sheepishly. "The new project has all of us busy. I haven't yet had the time."

as his companion crawled all over the lantern, scattering dust from its wings and making shadows dance around the room. She eyed it warily, nose wrinkling. Why he had chosen that thing as his partner was beyond her. She had never liked it. It was useless in their work, for one thing. All it ever did was get in the way, choosing an obnoxious perch from which to observe nearby events...

It was watching her now, and she scowled at it. Those bulbous copper eyes had always followed her too closely, too sharply for her tastes. Nothing so useless had any right to be so unnerving.

Jorry puffed smoke at it, and it flitted away across the room to squint at them from atop a protruding copper pipe.

"Did you need anything else?" NAME2 asked pleasantly, abruptly drawing her from her thoughts as he presented the file.

She accepted it with clipped tones. "No, that will be all, thank you."

He nodded. "Of course. Always a pleasure, Doctor."

"Come, Jorry," she said, pivoting on her heel and striding promptly out of the room. The Heatmor gave a wave of her massive paw and strolled cheerily after her.
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Day 3 - November 4, 2019

A glimpse into the not-so-distant past. Part of a larger story covering the time between Kouryu's schooling and his first Park adventures.

Letter Count CC: 1,424 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,390

Anyway," his mother said, tone shifting to something high-pitched and grating, "I hear it'll be someone's birthday soon!"

What? ...Oh.

"Mm-hm," he said again, not sure how else to respond. What was she expecting?

"Sooooo?" she prompted eagerly. "What do you want?"

Kouryu gave a thoughtful hum while he scrambled for an answer. His birthday was hardly ever on his mind - no cause for celebration, in his opinion - and there wasn't much he needed or wanted. In previous years he had deflected the question with various books... but...

An option came to him. He had been pondering certain things lately, and if the opportunity had just presented itself...

"A Dragon Pokemon."

"A Dragon Pokemon?" his mother repeated, scandalized. "Honey, are you sure? They're so aggressive and hard to train, I don't understand why you'd want one."

Kouryu's brow furrowed. "I'm sure."

"Mm, what about a Furfrou?" she coaxed. "I hear they're all the rage in Kalos right now, you could show it off and make some new friends -"

"No, thank you."

There was a long pause.

"Well... All right, honey," she said slowly, "but if you change your mind, you let me know right away, okay?"

I won't. "Okay."

A loud horn sounded in the background, and his mother gasped. "Oops, that's the ferry! I'll talk to you later, I love you, sweetheart."

Mm. "Love you, too."

"Byeeee~" Click.

Kouryu set his phone aside with a sigh, and left the room.
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Day 4 - November 5, 2019

Pondering more for WaR, considering worldbuilding tidbits. Still need time to start research into Steampunk/etc because right now all I'm going off of is vague notions of random things I've seen that might qualify, haha.

Letter Count CC: 1,523 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,499

Setting primarily in underground "steam castle"

[REDACTED] patrols keep people on schedule and from wandering into places they shouldn't

Great Librarium

Roucalt's Theorem - relation of Apricorn/Poke Ball size to Pokemon mass? note to self, double-check what a theorem actually is

"the Consortium"? n. an association, typically of several business companies. group that's funding this research/project?

developing a new way to capture and contain Pokemon? perhaps so they don't have to rely on Apricorn trade from other regions?

[ takes place in Galar? or in original region? concept - "Norus" ]


HUMAN PROTAG - "Doctor," working on a project for the Consortium (project head or does she report to someone?). Intelligent, indifferent, eschews femininity. Thinks little of the choices of others, dismissive of them if they're not a choice she would have made (particularly regarding Pokemon).

Jorry - f Heatmor, HP's companion. One of the few Pokemon (and probably people) whom Protag can tolerate and get along with.

NAME2 - another person working for the Consortium. Affable, well-liked by his colleagues. Probably has some history with Protag.

MOTHNAME - m Mothim, NAME2's companion. Greatly disliked by Protag. Does a lot of observing. Protag's never heard him speak.

Other possibilities: some sort of in-charge person for project things, maybe some representative from the Consortium, maybe someone from the government (visiting for a demonstration?), maybe a nerd lackey for Protag to boss around
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Day 5 - November 6, 2019


Letter Count CC: 927 -|- Google Docs CC: 912


Something about that voice nagged at his memory. On a chance, he chose to be bold.

"[ REDACTED ]. May I see your face?"

A deep rumble emanated from the mouth of the cave. "YOU ARE AT MY MERCY, BOY. NOT I AT YOURS." There was a shifting in the dark, the sound of something scraping over stone. "BUT YES, I SHALL GRANT YOU THIS. LOOK WELL, FOR NONE HAVE WITNESSED MY FORM FOR AN AGE."

wave of bitter cold washed over him as light danced over icy horns and jaw
and fell to his knees.

"Lord Kyurem," he whispered, heart pounding in his chest.

The great dragon's eyes narrowed, but when he next spoke, it was not with displeasure.

"LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE I HAVE BORNE THAT TITLE," he said, almost wistfully, "YET I AM GRATIFIED TO HEAR IT ONCE MORE." Kyurem strode further out of the cave and knelt down, resting its body against the frigid stones. "NOW, I BELIEVE I AM OWED AN ANSWER."
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Day 6 - November 7, 2019

Oops another concept happened.

Letter Count CC: 1,782 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,760

- destined for the cinder crown -

NAME has always known she would inherit the throne. She's trained her entire life for the day, studied hard, worked long into countless nights, become a model pupil for her teachers. Her coming of age ceremony is fast approaching, and expectations are high.

There's just one problem. Every ruler in the long history of their kingdom has been in their final form - and she refuses to evolve into hers.

- Pyroar father, dignified, gentle, a gifted tactician. Not the best at understanding a lot of humor, but rules at dad jokes.

- Incineroar mother, classy yet dangerous. Will arm wrestle you at the drop of a hat (or, in the case of one advisor who insulted her honor, throw you out a window). Protag takes after her very much and looks up to her.

- Little brother Litleo (trans), eager and innocent. Wants to evolve, but conflicted about how his appearance won't match his identity. Gets along well with his sister.

- [ REDACTED ] guard who accompanies protag, encourages shenanigans about as often as they curtail them.

Set in the same world as the Spheal/Cubchoo story, just a different territory. Corona Kingdom? Cinder Kingdom? Volcanic region, dark skies. Fire, Rock, Ground types most common.

Bites her tail to prevent evolution. When the story starts, so far no one's figured out she's delaying it. (Except maybe bro? Or maybe he finds out after the start and keeps the secret.)

Brother evolves at some point during the story (likely somewhere public and/or in front of parents), sparks questions over why Protag hasn't evolved yet.

Blah blah blah drama and court stuff

Epilogue (or sequel? good grief how far am I expanding this) has her meet Thoran and Lorel (Spheal & Cubchoo, probably evolved). and she and Lorel are cute gays
Day 7 - November 8, 2019

Pondering scraps of worldbuilding for this apparently ever-expanding universe for Spheal/Cubchoo and Torracat that realistically will probably never see the light of day, oops.

Letter Count CC: 1,081 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,065

Certain Pokemon born that can channel the power of ancient Kings, first time in centuries that they're all present in the same generation?

??? - Corviknight - Three jagged scratches across their beak. Wyrdbreaker? Travels to overturn fate? Accompanied by a pair of Charizard? Grew up in the [Dark] Kingdom; Murkglow? Moonglow? Moonfall? Murkmist? Misthold?

"I am here to set events in motion."

Floating island where a lot of Dragon- and Flying-types live? Skybreach? Skyhold? Cloudbreach? Cloudreach? Skycrest?

Electric territory (savannah?), lots of storms, constantly overcast. Ground and Water also common.

[Dark] Kingdom in a vast shadowy forest with a thick canopy; Dark, Ghost, Bug, Poison common. Glowing mushrooms light twisting paths through the undergrowth.

No specific water kingdom, prolly just a lot of tribes in the seas and lakes and rivers. (Or maybe a deepsea kingdom that no one knows about? Stuff Of Legends and such? definitely not Atlantis)

Kingdom of Twin Spires - mountain kingdom, Steel, Psychic, Fighting.

Verdant Lands - Grass, Bug, Fairy, Normal.
Day 8 - November 9, 2019

Starting to dig a bit more into the characters for the Spheal/Cubchoo story. I need a working title for this thing.

Letter Count CC: 1,189 -|- Google Docs CC: 1,181

Thoran - m, Spheal. protag. named after a legendary Ice[breaker? render? buster? crasher? runner?], one of the old Kings of the North (called so not because they were actual kings maybe, but prolly more like warriors?). gentle, cheerful, a bit clumsy, not confident in himself. a dreamer; wants to be a hero like the ones in legends [wants to protect others and preserve happiness] but has yet to understand what it means.

Lorel - f, Cubchoo. other protag??? Thoran's best friend. alert, active, optimistic. training to someday join the guard. encourages Thoran and practices with him, absolutely believes that he'll be a hero.

??? - f, Empoleon. friendly elder who lives in an igloo a ways from the town. the kids like to visit and listen to her stories, and she calls them rascals and serves them tea. possibly a witch???

??? - f, Beartic. Lorel's mother and Captain of the guard. wields a spear. about as cold and harsh as the icy mountain she protects, except where Lorel's concerned.

Thoran's dad (Dewgong) and mom (Walrein) probably not guard-connected. mom maybe works out on the ice (hunting?) while dad does some job in the castle? helps maintain the inner waterways, perhaps.

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