Introduction: Story journals!
Story Journal

URPG Story section staff are proud to present the Story Journal! An oft-requested analogue to the Art section's Sketchbook, our Story Journal aims to encourage regular, consistent efforts in the Stories section.
First things first. How do you participate? Simply by starting a thread in this subforum (ideally put your username in the title) and then posting in it. Posts need to be serious, and at least 750 characters (with spaces) to count, but that’s really the only rules. Trying to hash out character description? Go for it! Working through a tough scene line by line? That counts too! Still in the outline phase? Give it some of that!
Nor is it just limited to possible future stories. Drafts of a Morphic post, first passes at a Park or Ranger post, are also acceptable. Note the intent is not to pay you twice for crossposting them in two places, and overuse of this may result in posts being disqualified for payment. But if we can see distinct changes between a draft in the Journal and the finished post, you’ll be fine.
Now for the money part!
Each journal post (max 1/day) will be worth $500. 
If you maintain the streak for 7 days it’ll get you a bonus $1000, with the next streak starting the following day.
If you post at least 20 entries in a month (do not need to be consecutive) you’ll get a bonus $2000. Journal monies WILL count towards your Story legend progress, too.
And that’s it! Go out there, put quill to ink, and write for fun and profit!
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