[MEGASTONE] of rich treasure

New treasures join the rich minerals of the Parched Crater, rustling up from the dry earth in the wake of a brief tremor. Among the shimmering veins of ore, a new shine emerges, gleaming in the morning sun. They sit in the center of the large crater, comfortable, as if they've always been there.

One looks like glass wrapped around pure steel. It's heavy, and it catches the light with a metallic splendor unlike anything one has ever seen, completely unmarred. The other, beneath the clear cover, is a rippling swirl of browns and grays, like the layers of shale passing by, telling history in its rings like a tree who betrays its age.

A Steel and Rock Megastone have spawned in the Parched Crater!
[Cassandra the Delphox (Ability: Magician), unaffiliated]

The swirls of color on the ground grew more consistent as Cassandra approached the center of the crater. The veins of metal and traceries of rock seemed to shift and change before her as swirling winds pushed the reddish sands around on top of them. She could see hints in the ground of erosion, channels and eddies of water from prior storms long past.

She notices two small orbs nestled in a pile of dirt to her side. She recognizes them immediately, even though both look different from the others she’s discovered. The Delphox reaches out a forepaw and gently touches the brownish one, feeling in it a vast and ancient weight. “What stories could you tell of the lands that came before?” she asks it, not expecting an answer.

[Edit 11/4] A wave of energy ripples through the ground around Cassandra, and sensory feedback made her wince in a brief flash of pain. When she opened her eyes again, the other stone had vanished, but other tendrils of energy drew her attention. She turned and made her way back towards the wall of the crater to climb back out in pursuit.
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