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Cassandra the Delphox [Ability: Magician]
Seeking – A sheet of mostly intact fabric, such as canvas or sail material, big enough that it can be draped over poles to make a medium tent. (Not sure if it qualifies as major or minor.)

Cassandra felt the small ledge give way beneath her rear paws. She lurched forward and scrambled to grab hold of a protruding rock. Her claws found a tenuous grip and she hung by her arms, looking down to see the cascade of dirt and stones tumble to the beach below.
Beneath her, she spotted another ledge a few feet below. The rock from the cliff face had eroded inward above a small jutting spur, leaving a handful of inches of mostly flat ground. If she dropped straight down it looked like she would land on the edge of it. If she missed she would keep falling another few dozen feet to crash on the ground below.
The rock she hung from answered the question for her as it began to pull loose from the cliff. Cassandra clenched her teeth and bent her knees, releasing her grip on the stone as her stomach seemed to fall out of her chest. She hit the ledge and relaxed with the impact, letting it push her into a crouch as she huddled against the rock.
“Why not climb the cliff,” she grumbled to herself. “View will be much better from up there.”
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