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Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Gamma
[Image: Spr_DP_Volkner.png][Image: Spr_5b_493.png]

As the storm began, Marcus recalled Sylvester so that he wouldn't get swept away. It proved a little more cautious than was necessary, but Marcus was more than confident in Wade's ability to take on whatever Pokemon was coming through that portal. Speaking of said portal, where the others' mons had come out, Marcus's had not, and he was beginning to wonder whether there wasn't a Pokemon in there. Wade stood at the ready, and San was about to suggest they take a look at the portal itself when both saw a flash exit the portal. Gamma didn't have time to shout or even move from where Evan was before the flash was upon Marcus, a blade shimmering in the light...

Marcus would have been sliced were it not for Wade's quick thinking (literally). The Psychic held the Scyther's blade in place, inches from Marcus, and San managed to yell "Move Marcus!" and get him out of the way before Wade released his hold. This adversary was quick, and its blades quicker. Scyther looked in anger at wade, its scythes ready to tear Wade apart for stopping it. Marcus would have to think quickly and carefully for the next moves, as one swipe from the sharp blades would not be pretty.

Active Pokemon Stats

[Image: Spr_5b_123_f.png]
Scyther 100%
Was stopped just short of slicing Marcus


[Image: 55.gif] 80% (Spe-1)
Sapahn’s Wade the Brave Male Golduck
Stopped the Scyther's blade with Psychic

While Azura independently worked on forcing out the Eldegoss's gale with her sound waves, Xehanort positioned himself behind Sylvester's Substitute to follow suit in support of the attack's launch. Meanwhile, Aran and Tyranitar prepared their own approach from a different angle, namely from above the giant invader's cocoon of wind. With all that was going on around him, it was a wonder how the world felt like it abruptly stood still to Marcus as he watched the arrow of white energy finally spring from Wade's mentally generated bow. Together with the Ice Beam hurled by Taliyah's freshly procured Greninja, it disappeared within the rapidly weakening Hurricane that shielded Eldegoss.

For what seemed like eternity, the strong winds continued to blow around their hidden enemy. The boy's heart skipped a beat and his clenched fists began to tingle as he began to think their attempt to penetrate the Hurricane had failed. That certainly didn't put him in a comfortable position. Wade still needed to recover from the paralysis the previous Stun Spore shower had left him with and the strain of sustaining a physical double for this assault was draining Sylvester's strength with each passing second.

Then almost all at once, the gardens grew silent as the storm finally shrunk to a breeze that left Eldegoss's body and ruffled the leaves of nearby trees as it vanished. The form revealed before the weary trainers was decidedly different from what had first concealed itself in the gust. The behemoth hovered rather crookedly and its heavy breath flowed in labored pants. Marcus couldn't believe what he was seeing, but it was clear: they not only broke the shield, but actually managed to deal a massive blow in the process. However, it appeared the foe was not ready to quit as a dim green glow started to form around it.

Before Marcus could really react to Eldegoss's next move, it was just as soon brought to an end as Tyranitar came crashing down. He had no time to make out what had happened next as another gust erupted from the dandelion-like creature upon impact, fiercely shoving everyone back. Marcus grabbed Wade as the two were sent airborne, hoping their combined weight might be enough to anchor them back to the ground. He quickly snapped Sylvester's Pokeball off of his belt and recalled the royal Pokémon before he could be blown too far away, but almost simultaneously the new storm came to halt regardless, sending the boy and the Golduck tumbling to Earth. Marcus released his grip on Wade and the two rolled apart, himself immediately pushing himself up to his feet to get his eyes back on the target.

He didn't expect to see a vacant cobblestone path where the invader had plummeted to. Well, vacant except for the swirling black hole that now breached the path. He recognized it as a portal similar to what the alien had arrived from. Did that mean it had retreated after Tyranitar's blow? Unbeknownst to the trainer, this was not the exit the Eldegoss had taken, but a new portal entirely, concealing a new opponent and that his allies in this fight were already facing similar foes. He heard a footstep behind him and he turned around to see San begin his approach with a rather concerned look on his face.

The Ranger came to an abrupt halt, however, as fear quickly crept into his expression and he shouted, "Move, Marcus!"

The boy spun on the spot and was met face to face with a silver blade gleaming in the sunlight. Surprised, he rolled to the side and looked up to see the mantis Pokémon, Scyther, held in place by a familiar purple forcefield. The psychic energy faded, releasing the bug- and flying-type Pokémon from its grasp. The attacker took the opportunity to turn and glare daggers sharper than its arms at the source.  Marcus followed the Scyther's gaze toward the Golduck now straightening himself up fluidly, a sure sign that the Lava Cookie earlier had worked and the paralysis was gone.

Marcus instinctually reached for Sylvester's ball once again but stopped himself as he noticed the look of sheer determination and eagerness on Wade's face. Normally he would have relied on the Serperior to give him the time to analyze the opponent first, but he recalled Wade's earlier reaction to his wait and see approach against Eldegoss. The Golduck had broken the Calm Mind his trainer had instructed in favor of a reckless Aqua Jet that could have put him in a severe situation. Maybe it was the adrenaline from battle taking over, but perhaps it was best to allow Wade to let loose.

"Hydro Pump!" he called excitedly, punching a fist into the air. "Show it what you've got!"

A grin burst on the water-type's face. Finally, Marcus wasn't hesitating for once! This Scyther wasn't going to stand a chance. Wade widened his stance to keep himself stable as he held both palms toward the ground. He closed his eyes and grunted with the effort of focusing energy on them as well as his throat. The energy in his throat swiftly took the form of water that pushed with more force than the Golduck could keep in. Meanwhile, two holes burst from the paved path as miniature geysers burst skyward. Opening his eyes, Wade then pointed his palms toward the mantis and the rushing water changed direction toward his foe as he unleashed a third surge from his beak.

The Golduck had little control over the flood. He tried to aim for the Scyther's torso, but just barely managed to direct the attack in the opponent's direction. The gush from his mouth was rushing toward the Scyther's head while the two pulled the ground were on track to gun down its wings. However, the three geysers left a sizeable hole between them. Finally, Wade's knees buckled against the force of the attack, pushing him backward off his feet.

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