[Spacial Anomaly] Capture Thread - Evan
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Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Gamma
[Image: Spr_DP_Volkner.png][Image: Spr_5b_493.png]

The small portal opened in front of Evan first, bringing with it a small fluff of red, white, and yellow. The Larvesta immediately fluffed itself as it stepped out of the portal, and locked eyes with Evan immediately. It was a curious one; Evan could feel the heat emanating from its fluffy mane, and it was hard not to stare at it in awe. Gamma trotted over to Evan, and began speaking telepathically. "It looks like this one is yours. It doesn't seem to be hostile, though. You'll have to decide what you want the first move to be; I doubt it moves before you do.

Gamma's assessment was accurate; the Larvesta looked intrigued more than anything, as if everything around it was new and exciting, but it never lost its eye contact with Evan for more than a moment. The grass shook in the breeze once more, with some sense of normalcy coming back to the Gardens, as Gengar sauntered over to Evan, placing Tyranitar's ball in his hands and awaited Evan's command.

Active Pokemon Stats

[Image: Spr_5b_636.png]
Larvesta 100%
Eyeing Evan inquisitively...


[Image: 94.gif] 92%
Evan’s Aran the Calm Male Gengar
Returned Tyranitar's Ball to Evan


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