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Cassandra the Braixen (Ability: Magician)
With a grunt and a splash, Cassandra heaved the log into the bay. As she stepped onto the wet sand, she was thankful that the water here was warmer than the waves which deposited her on the island. She made sure her pouch was securely fastened, then took hold of the log and began pushing it further into the water. As the sandy floor dropped away beneath her, she put more of her weight on the log and began a rough paddle, steering her floatation device towards the brilliant colors she’d seen from shore.
They were even more vivid as she got closer. Bright hues of every color sparkled beneath the waves, most of them tantalizingly close to the surface. Cassandra stopped paddling for a moment, clinging to the log and resting as she prepared to dive beneath the waves to investigate these formations more closely.
Heavy feet of the steel titan sink deeply into the damp sand. The salty water rolls right up to her feet, washing around metal claws. She considers what the best means of crossing to the reef would be--she's always seen it out there, but never gone to it. The Aggron trawls quietly along the Lagoon's shores as she contemplates it. As she rounds around the bowl, she spots a creature dragging a heavy log into the water. The name jumps from the fog of her memories: Braixen. She can't figure out how she knows it, but the Magician Pokemon were frequently powerful tools in war, their magical fire great for ripping through steel like butter. With the name comes a gentle caution, but it's one that falls away relatively quickly as the log gives her an idea.

She droops the lid of her remaining eye, remembering the heavy weight of sleep, and she feels her stature and view lower as titanic form shifts into a small bear. The Komala sleepily cracks open her eye, refocusing. It takes her a few whole moments to remember what she's doing, but once she does, she uncertainly props her little log up in the water. Then, she presses tubby belly into the wood and tries to mimic what the Braixen had done. The first try sends her into the water, her reflexes being far too slow to balance, but the next time she anticipates it, and manages to stay afloat. She lets the waves carry her out toward the Reef, and toward the Braixen.
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Cassandra is gathering her breath for a dive when she hears a splash out of cadence with the tumbling waves. Looking up, she sees a small bluish grey bear trying to balance on a chunk of wood, dripping from a failed first attempt that’d gotten her attention. It’s moving slowly, though, and she judges she has enough time for a dive before the creature gets closer. She gives the Pokemon a wave to show she’s friendly, and then takes a deep gulp of air before ducking beneath the waves.

The salty water of the sea stings her eyes, but she blinks them until they adjust. The current swirls her fur around, tugging gently against her downward paddling. The colors of the reef are just as brilliant beneath the waves, close enough to the surface to catch the sunlight dancing through the waves. The coral has grown in strange clumps and arches, making a natural maze of tunnels and paths. Cassandra would need more than just a deep breath to explore this tangle.

Swimming back up, she broke the surface with a small spray and a big gasp of fresh air. She swam back over to the log to catch her breath again for another dive.
Kinji the Darmanitan (Sheer Force)
This post affects Cassandra and Io.
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Hut, hut, hut... Kinji wiped the sweat from his brow to take in his work so far. He'd made it to the beach an hour ago, and the breeze had charmed him immediately. He felt the presence of something interesting, something that might be able to help with the problem he had... but it was out further, into the heart of the reef he could barely make out. It was an easy decision, then, for Kinji to start pulling down logs and vines. His Sheer Force made it easy to lug around the materials, and it took only 30 minutes or so for him to have a raft that would (hopefully) hold his weight. He placed it in the water, gingerly stepping onto it; he wasn't sure how much he weighed outside of his usual form, but he hoped it didn't translate directly. The raft seemed to hold, and Kinji smiled a bit as he pushed himself off the shore.

The reef was brilliant, hues blending in the water in vibrant and exuberant colors. Kinji could feel some excitement welling in his breast, and he filed the experience away for when he went back into Zen mode. Soon, he noticed a few others admiring the reef near him, and used his large arms to paddle over, calling out a hearty "Hail!" as he did.
Scanning the surface of the water Cassandra noticed the small bear didn’t seem much closer, but the appearance of a makeshift raft surprised her. Someone else had taken a similar idea much further and was drier as a result. She grinned ruefully as she blinked the water out of her eyes.

The creature on the raft was a rounded, red quadruped with what appeared to be flaming eyebrows. Cassandra didn’t recognize the species. Its burly arms were steadily moving it through the water, but at least it seemed friendly as it greeted her. “Well met, stranger,” she replied. “Fancy meeting another Fire-type out here on the water.”

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