bmkmb's Sketchbook
October 11, 2019: Favorite Ground-type + Snow

So I decided it was time to start a sketchbook. How in the world to Gliscor's wings work?

[Image: 11.jpg]
October 12, 2019: Favorite Ice-type + Dragon

Some Kyurem. I'm sort of proud of this one. 
[Image: 12.png]
October 13, 2019: Favorite Normal-type + Ash

It's supposed to be a Linoone jumping out of, uh, ashes? I don't know about this one.

[Image: 13.jpg]
October 18, 2019: Favorite Water-type + Misfit 
This Dewott seems to prefer a wand to its shells.
[Image: 18.jpg]

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