[Spacial Anomaly] Capture Thread - After

The last and final Pokemon in the rapid succession of released anomalies is a simple one. Flat planes angle sharply into one another to create a boxy body with two arm-like, wheeling appendages that hovers slightly above the ground. Boxy figure shimmers a little, coated in an almost garish dark blue and powdered purple. As Babbs moves on from warning Jack about the ferocity of his Arcanine opponent, she spots the abnormal-looking creature from across the field, and heads over, taking care to slowly get out of the Arcanine's sight range first.

Strange, she remarks mentally. Those things are human-created. What's one of those doing inside the Wormhole? Had someone used the thing in some sort of experiment? Dropped it right in and left it? Or was there more of a history with these Wormholes and humans than she'd realized? The possibilities are endless, and right now, Babbs is more worried about damage assessment and getting these Trainers their rewards int he safest way possible to try to explore them all.

"This one doesn't seem too hostile," she says to Kouryu. "If you're interested in fighting or befriending it, feel free--it's yours."

The Porygon drifts above the ashy ground. It sees them, and is watching them, but spares a few glances at its new surroundings. Like the Axew, it doesn't seem outright aggressive, but seems... confused, almost. Which, Babbs can't blame it, after all.

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It seems... confused, but not hostile.


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