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The last and final Pokemon in the rapid succession of released anomalies is a simple one. Flat planes angle sharply into one another to create a boxy body with two arm-like, wheeling appendages that hovers slightly above the ground. Boxy figure shimmers a little, coated in an almost garish dark blue and powdered purple. As Babbs moves on from warning Jack about the ferocity of his Arcanine opponent, she spots the abnormal-looking creature from across the field, and heads over, taking care to slowly get out of the Arcanine's sight range first.

Strange, she remarks mentally. Those things are human-created. What's one of those doing inside the Wormhole? Had someone used the thing in some sort of experiment? Dropped it right in and left it? Or was there more of a history with these Wormholes and humans than she'd realized? The possibilities are endless, and right now, Babbs is more worried about damage assessment and getting these Trainers their rewards int he safest way possible to try to explore them all.

"This one doesn't seem too hostile," she says to Kouryu. "If you're interested in fighting or befriending it, feel free--it's yours."

The Porygon drifts above the ashy ground. It sees them, and is watching them, but spares a few glances at its new surroundings. Like the Axew, it doesn't seem outright aggressive, but seems... confused, almost. Which, Babbs can't blame it, after all.

pokeball Encounter pokeball
? / ?? / ??? / 100%

It seems... confused, but not hostile.

For a terrifying instant, the force of Veldora being flung from the beast's face loosens Sojiro's grip, and it is only the Salamence's quick recovery that keeps him from plummeting to the earth. By now Veldora is starting to feel the strain of maintaining their altitude, but nonetheless they stay there to watch as blow after blow after blow finally sends the metallic titan into a retreat. Within moments, a massive rip in space opens at its back, glowing brightly. Bit by bit their opponent backs into its reach, before the Wormhole sucks it in completely - whisking it away, presumably back to whatever mysterious realm it had come from, then vanishing in the blink of an eye.

At last, the battle is over.

As Veldora gives a triumphant roar, Sojiro looks out at the swath of destruction. Cracks and craters dot the landscape, great furrows upon the earth like open wounds beneath the drifting ash... The battlefield seems oddly still, now. Quiet - with a sense of emptiness, even, though of course that isn't the truth. New figures had appeared from the wormhole in the beast's wake, yet their presence hardly compares.

That towering monster of a Pokemon had just been sent packing, after all. Surely the Trainers and their teams can handle its replacements.

With the prospect of a new task at hand, Sojiro prompts Veldora to land.


Back on the ashen ground, Kouryu is seated against a large rock, backpack leaning beside him. Given the current lull on the field, he's taking full advantage of the opportunity to down a bottle of water. His face is flushed, his head still hurts, and overall he's far too warm, but he feels a bit more able to focus now, at least.

I wish it had put us back in the cave, he grumbles to himself. The sooner he can get himself off this hell rock of a mountain, the better. He's risking passing out as it is.

He swaps the newly-emptied bottle for a second one, opening it and pouring a packet of Energy Powder into it before capping it and giving it a few good shakes. Then, setting it aside for the moment, he glances up to see his team coming in for a landing. Thankfully they're looking none the worse for wear after Veldora's little stunt. Kouryu pushes himself slowly to his feet, breathing a sigh of relief when no dizziness or nausea shakes his newfound clarity. He sees the boxy figure drifting about some distance away, but for now, he has a moment to focus on his team.

Sojiro removes himself with a great leap as soon as Veldora's claws hit the dirt a few feet away. He shakes out his somewhat-mussed mane with a trill, then - to no one's surprise - turns and smacks Veldora on the shoulder. However, that, coupled with a cutting glare, seems to be the extent of his ire for now. Having made his irritation known (even if Veldora had simply rolled his eyes at it), Sojiro turns and hastens to Kouryu's side, sniffing him all over and prodding him with his nose.

"I'm fine," says Kouryu, gently pushing against the Zoroark's snout. "I'm just hot, that's all."

Sojiro gives him his best no you are not fine look, but he steps aside to give his Trainer space anyway. Behind him, Kouryu watches Veldora strutting - with a limp, but strutting nonetheless - over to them with all the air of having defeated their foe single-handed. He bends his head down, giving Kouryu a "nudge" that nearly knocks him backward. Kouryu huffs and rubs the dragon's snout with a fond smile.

"Yes, all right, you did well," he says. "You've earned a good rest, and a good reward. We'll discuss it once you've recovered, all right?"

The ensuing rumble vibrates through his fingertips, followed by a satisfied thump of the dragon's tail against the earth, before Veldora returns to his Poke Ball in a flash of red light.

Kouryu ruffles Sojiro's fur. "You too. Thank you," he says quietly, getting a soft bark in return. Between them, it's enough.

He glances back to the Porygon. For the most part it's still just watching them... analyzing, perhaps.

Well, as long as it doesn't seem to be interested in starting a fight, that's fine with Kouryu. He picks up the mixed Powder bottle, opens it, and passes it to Sojiro. "Here. It's no Pokemon Center, but it should take the edge off, at least."

Sojiro nods, taking it in both paws and emptying it in a few quick gulps. He scrunches his snout at the taste as he returns it, wiping a paw across his mouth. Kouryu puts the bottle away with a sympathetic look, then slings his pack over his shoulder.

As he does, Babbs finally makes it over to them from across the field, presumably having finished briefing the other Trainers on the new arrivals. In response to her statement, Kouryu gives a light snort. "If it's all the same to Porygon, I'd much rather go without another battle for today."

He considers the digital Pokemon carefully, pondering its behavior. It does seem confused... but it also seems unharmed, so its trip through the Wormhole might not have resulted in other adverse effects, at least.

He glances to Sojiro. "Can you use Illusion to hide your energy? It looks a bit intimidating and that might not be the best approach right now."

Sojiro sticks out his tongue at the comment, but after a moment of concentration, the smoky streams of shadow disappear with a flicker, leaving his usual self. Kouryu nods. They both know full well that there's no telling how long it will last even without being hit, but the effort may still prove useful.

In any case, Kouryu takes a step forward. He has to make an attempt, at least, and unless Porygon came from a very different world indeed, it should be able to understand him just fine...

"Are you all right?" he calls to Porygon, trying to seem as non-threatening as possible and having no idea if he's succeeding. "It's okay - we're not here to hurt you."

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