[Spacial Anomaly] Capture Thread - Jack

On the boss Pokemon's retreat, a large creature lands steadily on all four paws from the wormhole. Muzzle sweeps from side to side as the golden beast turns masked eyes to and fro. The winds stirred by the battlers ruffle his thick mane and billowing tail, and dark coal eyes narrow in on the figure closest to it--the dark-furred form of Solo and the Trainer near him.

The Arcanine glances at its surroundings briefly, assessing where it's ended up, but surprisingly doesn't seem to miss a beat. Its lip curls back from slightly-yellowed teeth as the black-striped Arcanine steps toward Jack and his Pokemon. Its long ears flatten back into thick mane as it gives a low, canine growl. Babbs, dashing over from where she'd left Cosmo to deal with his own Axew, slows drastically as she nears, making herself look as unthreatening as possible as she sidles up next to Jack to give him instruction.

"Alright, take it easy now, this one seems a little aggressive. If you want to try to catch him, though, feel free. Just be on your guard." She glances up to Izaya, floating near where the boss disappears. She figures Jack won't want the fire-sensitive creature near the likes of an Arcanine, but just in case, she cautions: "Pick one 'mon to work with here and stick with it. Can't have any ganging up on these things, now." It worked for a Pokemon tons of times bigger than them, but she wasn't going to let these normal-sized Pokemon be treated any less equitably than another 'mon in the Park.

pokeball Encounter pokeball
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It seems aggressive!


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