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On the boss Pokemon's retreat, a large creature lands steadily on all four paws from the wormhole. Muzzle sweeps from side to side as the golden beast turns masked eyes to and fro. The winds stirred by the battlers ruffle his thick mane and billowing tail, and dark coal eyes narrow in on the figure closest to it--the dark-furred form of Solo and the Trainer near him.

The Arcanine glances at its surroundings briefly, assessing where it's ended up, but surprisingly doesn't seem to miss a beat. Its lip curls back from slightly-yellowed teeth as the black-striped Arcanine steps toward Jack and his Pokemon. Its long ears flatten back into thick mane as it gives a low, canine growl. Babbs, dashing over from where she'd left Cosmo to deal with his own Axew, slows drastically as she nears, making herself look as unthreatening as possible as she sidles up next to Jack to give him instruction.

"Alright, take it easy now, this one seems a little aggressive. If you want to try to catch him, though, feel free. Just be on your guard." She glances up to Izaya, floating near where the boss disappears. She figures Jack won't want the fire-sensitive creature near the likes of an Arcanine, but just in case, she cautions: "Pick one 'mon to work with here and stick with it. Can't have any ganging up on these things, now." It worked for a Pokemon tons of times bigger than them, but she wasn't going to let these normal-sized Pokemon be treated any less equitably than another 'mon in the Park.

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It seems aggressive!

Jack was covered in dirt and filth. The titan's strength had left its mark on his body, even if he was not the one doing any of the fighting. Though, the battle was over. The titan had been repelled by his dear friends and his newfound allies. Wiping his face he let out a disgusted sigh. He stared at his forearm now. His jacket had been coated in dirt from where he wiped. He let out a "blegh!" as he stared. Jack found his eyes watering now. Wiping again, he let out another cry of disgust. After, he took a deep breath, letting the air into his lungs. 

The silence was soothing. Although the noises of the world still surrounded them, they were a daydream compared to the loud uncomfortable booming that had been ringing out repeatedly before. Jack scratched at his ears, still just barely ringing. With a blink, he heard something else from the hum of nature. The loud sniffing of something curious. The patter of heavy paws as they stomped forward diligently. 

Jack cursed under his breath, Babbs skidding to his side. He glanced at her for only a moment as she spoke. The beast's snarl catching his attention far more than her warnings. The beast's mane was ragged and shaggy, jutting in every direction. It emanated ferocity, and yet, it was elegant. Maybe it was the golden hue, or maybe it was the power that surged from them. Either way, Jack wanted them. 

Solo, who was resting on the ground after the battle, jolted upwards to their feet as Jack's eyes met theirs. Their body trembled with every breath. Red mane now loosely held by the gem on their back, ready to be undone at the slightest movement. Their eyelids paused for a moment as they blinked, taking in the approaching beast. With every step of their heavy paws, Solo slid their feet closer to Jack's side.  

Dust rained down around them, leftover decay from the chaos that had happened previously. The sun now gleamed brightly, giving the specks of dust a radiant glow. there was no titan to hide the light from the victors now. Jack took a few slow and steady steps to Solo's side. Taking their paw, he smiled. "You did good, Solo." With a scratch behind the ears, Solo's eyes lit up again. Their claws dug into the earth in excitement at their trainer's touch. 

Izaya lowered itself closer to the ground now. Across the battlefield, it fluttered back and forth idly. With its squinted eyes staring at the Arcanine, it shuddered. Fire Pokemon were unquestionably a threat for Izaya. Izaya didn't need Jack to tell him what it was. He could feel its threatening presence from their natural instincts. 

Jack fumbled into his empty pockets cursing to himself. "Ack!" He looked to the weakened Solo with a wide eyed expression. If he acted okay, maybe Solo would ignore their own injuries. And then, the wide eyed expression became real. Pulling his hands from all of his pockets, he shouted. "I DIDN'T BRING ANY POKEBALLS!!"

Izaya's gaze turned into an empy stare full of hate. Izaya positioned itself, ready to strike. Jack's yelling surely riled up the Pokemon. 

Jack turned to Babbs. "Hey uh... got any extras..." He spoke under his breath now embarrassed. Solo laughed at their trainer's pain.
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Lonely heroes step forward in the settling dust. Jack's Pokemon have seen better days--Solo took more than his fair share of nasty hits, and she knows all-too-well how easily fire can shred through a Scizor's armor. She knew he didn't bring a damn thing with him without even checking his registration just by looking at what he had on 'em, so she's not surprised when he reaches down and finds them empty, exclaiming what she already knew. The kid turns away to ask for a Pokeball, but she shuffles forward to push him back toward the Arcanine, who has already taken his frustrated shouting as a challenge, evidenced by its crouching stance as it has begun to prowl forward.

"I do--but talk to me about it when it's too weak to try to kill us!" As if on cue, the great beast lunges forward in a burst of powerful muscle, bounding quickly across the dusty earth and toward the dark Pokemon that had stepped forward. Solo barely manages to stumble back and out of the way. His reflexes are slowing with the adrenaline from the first fight fading away, and he narrowly misses the flaming fangs that had sought his neck. The residual heat seeps through his fur.

As the Arcanine begins to round back around for another lunge, Solo glances back at his Trainer, somewhat apprehensively.

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It is definitely aggressive!


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Barely dodged the Fire Fang!


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