[Spacial Anomaly] Capture Thread - Cosmo

Even as Babbs watches the Duraldon disappear, she spots the small figures that fall from its opening. She turns toward Cosmo, glancing once more at his possessed sword, trying to make sure he doesn't get the idea to grab it again. Nonetheless, she points energetically at one of the small figures--a tiny, bipedal armored creature with small blades protruding from its jaws. Its scales shimmer a little more than usual, and its coloring is a more yellow-ish olive than the others she's familiar with.

"You want that thing? If so, grab it. I'll be helping the others." She gives another very deliberate point to the Pokemon as she speaks, picking up a Pokeball from her belt, setting her pointing finger on it, and then gesturing at the Axew, hoping the message goes across. She's about to turn away, but then looks at his two Pokemon being out. She points at them both, one after another, and then holds up her one finger, then nods back to the Axew. She let them use two Pokemon in the dire circumstances of the boss fight, but for just one Pokemon, they wouldn't be allowed to double-team it.

The small dragon notices them as well thanks to Babbs' gesticulation, but it seems uncertain. It looks around apprehensively with rosy eyes. Its nostrils flare as it takes in the new smells of... wherever it's ended up at. It doesn't seem hostile, but instead seems just a little confused.

pokeball Encounter pokeball
? / ?? / ??? / 100%

It seems... confused, but not hostile.


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