Morphic - Open Thread [MEGASTONE] of boundless flora

Here, where flowers grow like trees, a gentle tremor shakes the earth.

It's tiny, one that's over as soon as the creatures dwelling within even stop to think if they imagined it. But the earth tenderly yields its treasures at the base of one such giant stalks, loose dirt quivering away from atop tiny shiny orbs. The first is of a glittering rosy hue, small and unassuming, like a lost petal that had strayed too far from its stalk. The other, however, bursts and crackles with static as it is unearthed, until the fierce electricity is pulled beneath glassy surface. Dark storm clouds swirl within, yellow streaking wildly through it, as the two minuscule treasures await the touch of one who understands them.

A Fairy and Electric Megastone have spawned in the Savannah!

Cassandra the Braixen (Ability: Magician)

Now this was the flowering paradise Cassandra had first expected. A riot of color swirled around her every step, and the intoxicating smells of pollen and nectar hung heavily in the gentle breeze. The Braixen did her best to step around the smaller plants and trod only on the grasses, trying to leave as little trail behind herself as possible.

As she looks for a spot of shade to rest in, she notices a flicker at the base of a large stalk nearby. Moving closer, she sees a pair of rounded crystals seemingly abandoned in the dirt between the roots. One is a beautiful pale red, and the other is a stormy yellow; the glints of highlights danced and shifted.

Cassandra grinned. The dancing lights reminded her of the Raichu she’d met. “I suppose a memento isn’t untoward,” she said. She knelt down and picked up the dark, sparkling stone.

She could sense an enormous power held deep in the orb, but it seemed dormant somehow. Perhaps it was not meant for her, or maybe it was waiting for the right time to awaken. Regardless it seemed a shame to leave it here, and she carefully tucked it into her satchel.
Cassandra the Braixen (Ability: Magician)

Cassandra felt a tug against her senses and found herself staring at the second orb. Though much more sedate than the other stone, it seemed alluring somehow. Picking it gently off the ground, she felt the same reserves of a different, strange power swelling in the depths.

“Perhaps you too are a clue to this island’s secrets,” she muttered to it. “Or perhaps I’ve been sniffing too many flowers, if I’m speaking to a pretty rock.”

Spotting a nearby plant with broad, rounded leaves she plucks one and carefully wraps the stone in it, then places it as well in her satchel. “Maybe you’ll purchase me a favor from someone in need.”
Cassandra smiled to herself as she closed up her satchel. An idea had occurred to her, that perhaps it was time to find allies to explore the island’s mysteries with. Stones like these would be valuable to the right person. The real question would be finding others here she could trust, who also sought some explanation of why they’d landed here.

She felt a cold breeze waft past her, though it didn’t seem to stir the flowers and leaves. “Enough time spent out here. If there is a way off this island, it’s not going to be in this field.” She cinches the strap of her satchel and turns back the way she came, marching through the flowers and grasses with less concern about leaving a path.

[OOC: leaving the Savannah after the 24 hour period.]

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