Morphic - Open Thread [MEGASTONE] of waving boughs

Great tree stands sentinel over the jungle, its winding columns sprouting into tremendous arms. A fierce gale sweeps across the living canopies. Its force elicits a groan from the reaching giant as its great bulk yields slightly to the wind.

When the gale passes, the leaves and branches still quiver intensely as the momentum courses through the rest of the boughs. And then, the tree shudders still, and two tiny gems plop from the highest reaches, plinking on every branch on their paths down, until both smack! into the waiting beds of leaves below, right near the roots, only several feet away from one another.

One sits just on the edge of the roots, nestled into a wooden elbow. The most lovely and verdant of greens twists like braided vines beneath the clear surface. The other is an iridescent blue smeared with the softest of whites, like tender clouds spread across the most free of canvases.

A Grass and Flying Megastone have spawned in Cloudbreak!

Miki the Leafeon :: Chlorophyll
Miki has been hanging around the Cloudbreak for a pretty decently long time. It's only now that she notices a spherical stone which seems to be calling out to her mind.

She steps a little closer to inspect it. It seems to resonate with her as she does - it's clear near the surface, but green deeper in, green like the verdant leaves on her body.

She places a paw onto the stone. It's brimming with power, she can feel it, but it's sealed away beneath something...

So she does what any sensible leafycat would do: she slides her tail under it, and with a little effort she curls up her tail around the stone, and slowly she steps away from the scene.

[Exit Miki...?]

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