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A shimmering tide washes over the raised bluff of coral, swirling misty reams of bubbles over the multicolored structures. Even when the light-catching glisten of the bubbles fade, though, a certain shimmer remains, perched on the highest rocky towers of the reef, nearly breaking the surface. The stones roll from hidden crevices and precariously onto the wider edges of the branch. They roll in the sway of the currents, cupped in the carbonous palm.

One catches the light, illuminating the swirling pink mist within. Murky, like a stirred river, but with a rosy lightness to the cloud. The other shares a similar hue, but bears a different quality--within the glassy surface, the Megastone sparkles, nearly dazzles, with an intensity that makes it the most eye-catching of the two. So near the surface, and yet still beneath its shroud, the two stones sit, awaiting capture.

A Psychic and Fairy Megastone have spawned in the Reef!

Cassandra the Braixen (Ability: Magician)

The surface of the bay was mostly calm, with only a few small waves rolling across the surface. Cassandra paddled her floating tree trunk to the very heart of the reef. Beneath her sat several large towers of coral, nearly touching her sodden paws as she bobbed along. Her eyes weren’t the senses she needed at the moment, though, and she closed them to better send her mind downward.

This close, the source was a beacon to her; an enormous well of power that seemed to respond to her mental touch. Opening her eyes, she peered through the water and thought she spotted something glinting among the fingers of coral – perhaps it was the prize she sought.

Cassandra snapped one of the twigs off her tree trunk, focusing on it with her magical senses. She hadn’t tried something like this before, and she was working with elements she wasn’t as familiar with. She twisted the strands of air and wind, binding a gust of breeze to the twig. It began to vibrate as if stirred by a stronger breeze than was blowing elsewhere around her.

Placing the twig in her mouth, she carefully lowered her head into the water. The breeze displaced a globe of water around her head, giving her a few minutes’ fresh air while she dove. She pushed away from the log and approached the glinting sphere, rolling amidst the coral.

She reached out a paw and carefully lifted the brighter orb free. The same quiet power greeted her touch as the orbs from the savannah, but instead of being distant this was near and almost violent in its psychic intensity. She shivered in the cool water, slowing her breath so as to not run out of air too quickly.
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The buoyancy of her air bubble pulled Cassandra upright as she trod water by the coral towers. The pulsing stone in her hand seemed to somehow synchronize with her pulse and it was with regret that she tucked it away in her satchel. But to her surprise and relief, she found she still could feel the energy from it even without touching the strange orb.

Also before her lay another orb, similar to one she’d found in the savannah. The rosy color was clear despite the blue tinge from being underwater. She likewise tucked this stone into her satchel and turned, all four paws propelling her towards the surface.

A bright light in the sky caught her eye – she didn’t recall seeing it before diving. Distorted by the bubble around her head, it seemed to be growing larger and brighter, reminding her of a meteorite. It had little apparent motion other than enlarging, which made her think it was descending towards the island. As she broke the water, the bubble around her head twisted the image as it popped – and then the apparition vanished.

She clutched the log, looking for any sign of danger. The gentle waves bobbed beneath her and she could hear them tumbling upon the shore, but she saw nothing else. It must have simply been another vision.

[ETA] Cassandra turned the log towards the shore, and paddled back to the island to continue her explorations.
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