Morphic - Open Thread [MEGA STONE] Of Stubbornness and Sands.
In the pearlescent sands of the bay, beneath a cloudless sky, the tide rises. Each wave climbs higher up the beach than the last, smoothing the beach to a flat plane in its wake. The faintest hint of seafoam bubbles up with the cerulean spray, but the water never goes beyond the halfway point of the massive stretch of sand.

Eventually, the tide stops rising. Now, each wave descends, leaving behind damp tracks. However, right in the middle of the beach, something else is left behind. The tides, it seems, have unearthed something new.

Within a long sandy divot lies two stones. Each one is a cloudy gray, with a faint amber-brown in its center. The stones look inert, but a vast, untapped potential pulses through them, as gently and steadily as the waves in the bay. One holds the power of the earth inside of it, just like the sand itself; the other holds a vital energy, like the power of a body in motion. 

[A Ground-type and Fighting-type Mega Stone have been unearthed in the Lucent Bay!]
[Floatzel/Swift Swim]

A lone Floatzel wanders onto the shore, his twin tails twitching as his yellow fur shimmers in the sunlight. Sometimes, a good way to clear the mind is to just take a short walk, and in this aquatic form, that walk is often one along Mautte's most pristine beach. Though something about this particular walk seems like it'll be...different. But it's not something Seiro can exactly put a hand-paw on yet.

His aimless wandering brings him to the shoreline, the waves crashing against the sand creating a soothing sound to the Floatzel's ears. He then spots, a short distance ahead, two greyish spheres in the sand. This must be what would make this walk different. Both of them feel powerful. One as if it contains the tectonic plates themselves, and another as if it's filled to the brim with an energetic aura. His curiosity thoroughly piqued, Seiro picks up the aura-filled stone, wondering if the energy he senses within it has anything to do with his original form - Lucario.

The Floatzel curiously eyes the stone, figuring he may as well keep it with him. Who knows what it does? Maybe Gawain might know something, Seiro considers as he retreats from the beach, looking over the dull grey stone. There has to be something more to this than meets the eye.

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