Morphic - Open Thread [MEGA STONE] Of Stones and Shade.
If there's one thing that the Shimmering Caverns has, it's crystals. The place has stones in abundance, from shimmering spinel to gleaming garnet. Spires of crystal jut from the earth in vast arrays of colors, interspersed with ramparts of stalactite and stalagmite. Stone from gray to brown to white to pitch black form the walls of a vast, intricate network of tunnels inlaid with precious gems.

One massive cavern holds a pair of very special stones. The cave is huge, with a number of entrances coming from every side. The most interesting entrance, however, is near the top, where a small hole has opened up. A faint sliver of sunlight shines down from that hole, casting the faintest edge of illumination into the chamber. Within this light, two stones are visible in the ground. Each one is a deep, cloudy gray; one is slightly darker than the other. While these stones look like nothing special in comparison to the other gems, they seem to sing with power. One holds an aura of darkness and shadow; the other, the potential energy of the rocks themselves.

[A Dark-type and Rock-type Mega Stone have been unearthed in the Shimmering Caverns!]
Aaren the Aggron (Ability: Rock Head)

A scraping sound starts quietly but distinctly from one of the tunnels leading into the cavern. After a few minutes of it increasing in volume, eventually a polished silver head protrudes from one of the side tunnels. Between two large horns on the head, and sharp steel claws on its arms, it carefully enlarges the tunnel mouth until it can step freely through it.

Aaren looked around at the sparkling crystals. “You see, sunlight. I thought I saw light ahead. Our investigation seems to have paid off.” He takes another few steps forward and spots the pair of crystal orbs in the floor. “Ah, what is this?”

Bending over, the Aggron scrapes away some of the rock surrounding the lighter-hued one, and then draws it from the ground. He grunts as he feels a surge of energy coming from the stone, and a thrill runs along his arm as his inner nature seems to respond somehow.

Aaren takes a minute to focus his mind, clearing it of the rushing sensation that the stone engendered. “Hrngh,” he grunts, “there’s something about these round crystals in the center.”
Aaren the Aggron (Ability: Rock Head)

Looking around, Aaren realizes he’s alone in the cavern. The hole near the roof is letting in both light and fresh air, along with a gentle roar that might be a mountain stream. “I’m not sure how long I was walking, but I didn’t expect to be near the surface.”

The Aggron braces his feet and tail in a firmer stance, then bends and picks up the second rounded stone. He feels a tad disappointed though; even though he can tell it has similar powers within, it doesn’t respond to him the way the first did. “Maybe this one isn’t meant for me, after all,” he says.

He gives another look around the cavern. “But nobody else seems to be here. I’ll hold onto it until I meet someone that can use it.”
With a shrug, Aaren makes his way to the wall beneath the exterior opening. The way seems a little precarious, so he tucks each of the rocks into spaces between his shoulder armor and neck. Though not the most secure of places he doesn’t think they’ll roll free as he climbs.

The Aggron stretches his legs and tail, then begins the ascent. He carefully places his claws in patches of blank wall between the crystal formations and mineral deposits, and the walls are firm enough to support him. He focuses on the climb – hand over foot, digging and climbing, balancing with his tail.

The hole to the outside grows nearer, and he’s sure now he hears water flowing outside. The space seems a bit too narrow for him, so he scrapes at it with a claw to enlarge it, before finally crawling out to stand in the sunlight.

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