Inktober 2019 - Sketchbook Event!
Inktober Sketchbooks!

October has come around once more, and with it, the popular art community event, Inktober! Once again, URPG will be taking part in Inktober in its own way!

Whether you're an experienced artist, or someone just nervous to try it out, this event is for you! Sketchbooks are meant for you to practice without pressure or judgement. It doesn't take fancy supplies or some inherent "talent" to do art. Like any other type of skill, art just takes practice, which means that you can do it, too! It's also a great way to regularly make a small bit of URPG $$ per month. Get started with your Sketchbook here if you haven't already!

Inktober is an event that's popular in the art community! The way that Inktober works is that for every day of October, there is a different prompt that you can draw to fulfill.

The only rules of our Inktober? Well, there are very few, and they're incredibly simple!:
  1. Inktober sketches must be done in some sort of ink, such as pen!
  2. Sketches must still be Pokemon-related!
  3. Have fun! This one is the most important. Inktober is a chance for you to have fun and grow as an artist, so don't stress over not making a certain day.

October's sketchbook prompts this month will be shifted instead to the Pokedexy challenge. For those unfamiliar - or for those who can't read the small, blurry text - all of the prompts are displayed below! As usual, you can post once per day in your sketchbook. At the end of the month, for each prompt you did that matches that day's Inktober prompt, you'll receive an additional $250 on top of a sketch's usual pay! You will also receive all of the usual bonuses for streaks and completing a full month. Non-Inktober sketches will be paid as usual.

October 1st: Favorite Bug-type Pokemon.
October 2nd: Favorite Dark-type Pokemon.
October 3rd: Favorite Dragon-type Pokemon.
October 4th: Favorite Electric-type Pokemon.
October 5th: Favorite Fairy-type Pokemon.
October 6th: Favorite Fire-type Pokemon.
October 7th: Favorite Fighting-type Pokemon.
October 8th: Favorite Flying-type Pokemon.
October 9th: Favorite Ghost-type Pokemon.
October 10th: Favorite Grass-type Pokemon.
October 11th: Favorite Ground-type Pokemon.
October 12th: Favorite Ice-type Pokemon.
October 13th: Favorite Normal-type Pokemon.
October 14th: Favorite Poison-type Pokemon.
October 15th: Favorite Psychic-type Pokemon.
October 16th: Favorite Rock-type Pokemon.
October 17th: Favorite Steel-type Pokemon.
October 18th: Favorite Water-type Pokemon.
October 19th: Favorite Eeveelution.
October 20th: Favorite Electric Rodent.
October 21st: Favorite Baby Pokemon.
October 22nd: Favorite Mega Evolution.
October 23rd: Favorite Single Stage Pokemon.
October 24th: Favorite Pokemon Design.
October 25th: Favorite Legendary Pokemon.
October 26th: Favorite Starter Pokemon.
October 27th: Coolest Pokemon.
October 28th: Cutest Pokemon.
October 29th: Scariest Pokemon.
October 30th: Most Bad-Ass Pokemon.
October 31st: All-Time Favorite Pokemon.

Remember--try your best and have fun!

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