Morphic - Open Thread elevate
Gawain the Type:Null (Battle Armor Ability).
Knights of Avalon (Castellan).
Affected RPers: N/A.

Oversized claws grip and even dig into hard earth and ice with ease. Chitinous paws repel the sting of jagged stones, repulsing everything from pebbles to sword-sharp rock. Stiff, bulky armor insulates the body beneath from the chill winds that threaten to swallow up the pink-and-white form doggedly pushing through them. As his breath warms the helmet encasing his front, Gawain thinks that he might have found a decent use for this form at last.

The recent earthquakes have left the first Castellan of Mautte a little shaken. He’s never experienced this phenomenon before, the trembling and cracking of the earth below his paws. He’s decided to go on a journey, seeking cause or consequence from the quakes, if such things exist.

However, at the moment, all Gawain can see is black stone and white snow. The ledge he's on is wide, and being lower down on the mountain, there isn't much snow on it. It's as good a place to rest as any. Gawain lays down to catch his breath, his forelegs tucked beneath his chest, the thin membrane of his tailfin lifted above the stone so that the cold doesn't leach into it.

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