Individual RP: K'sariya [Enigma Ruins]

Dawn shines over the Enigma Ruins, with blue-gray clouds smeared over deep gold light like paint on a canvas. Distant rain turns the horizon soft, so that the colors drip together at the edges. Below, trees sway in the wind, throwing back the light in shimmers of bright amber. It’s a beautiful morning.

So thinks Margo Sterling looking down from sixty meters up, the only thing between her and the vast stretch of empty air being Mist, the Pelipper on whose back she’s laying, clinging to a lightweight harness. The view is absolutely incredible, and Margo drinks in the serene familiarity, because she has no idea what’s coming next. Mist is carrying her to the Enigma Ruins, where abnormal is the norm and the terrain can shift at a moment’s notice. It’s funny, Margo thinks as she watches Mist’s feathers shift to catch the winds. She’s been spending more time hopping through dimensions than in the Park proper, lately.

On the plus side, Margo doesn’t really have to come up with any sort of agenda for her Trainer today; the Enigma Ruins will no doubt have their own, unintelligible design. Instead, she’s free to drink in the beauty of the day, and reflect on the Trainer she’ll be escorting through the Ruins today.

Finch. It’s an unassuming name for a person who’s travelled the Park in the company of a Lugia. Curiously, Finch didn’t list the Lugia - Zenith, Margo thinks they’re called; the fact that she can remember the nickname of one of Finch’s Pokemon is proof positive of the reputation they’ve made for themself - on their team registration form. They’re actually bringing an unevolved Pokemon along, which is even more unusual. Most long-time, established Trainers keep their young Pokemon back from battles that might involve a full-grown one. Finch probably has a reason, but Margo is going to have to make sure to keep an eye out, just in case. The Pokemon in the Engima Ruins sometimes play a little rougher than those in the rest of the Park.

And things might be even more complicated by the Region Spray that Finch is bringing with them. The Type Repellents make conceptual sense - certain types of Pokemon are more affected by certain stimuli than others, it’s as simple as that - but Margo has no idea how in the world these new Region Sprays are being made. She suspects they alter the Enigma Ruins’ teleportation rather than attracting specific Pokemon species, but her main concern is that things stay safe, regardless of how these weird chemistry experiments actually work.

Mist lets out a low caw; Margo looks up and out, following Mist’s gaze. In the distance, she can pick out a few details - a hilly field, with one hill terminating abruptly in a steep gray rise of stone carved into a curved arch, which fades into deep black shadow below. Surrounding this arch is a herd of Deerling and Sawsbuck, grazing peacefully. Margo sighs. She’d rather not spook the Pokemon, but there’s not exactly another place to land.

“Draw in slowly,” Margo says. “Give them time for at least one of them to see or hear you, and then the rest of them will take off.” Mist agrees with another quiet caw, then begins her descent proper, circling widely around the herd to ensure that they have plenty of time to notice her. Sure enough, one of the Sawsbuck raises their ears, lifting their half-green, half-red-horned head to look up at the strange Pokemon descending toward them. They let out a loud bleat and take off bounding across the field; the rest of the herd scatters in seconds. This would be good for Margo and Mist were it not for the fact that one of the Deerling takes off directly into the archway, running headlong into the Enigma Ruins.

“Oh, crap,” Margo mutters, hopping off of Mist as soon as the Pelipper hits the ground. The little fawn could wind up nearly anywhere, and Margo can’t go in until Finch arrives. Five minutes, she decides. She’ll give Finch and their coutarie five minutes; if they don’t show by then, she’ll go in and make sure the Deerling didn’t get stuck at the top of Mt. Oktori or something.

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