Espero -:- Beneath the Mask
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Age: Young adult

Personality: Espero is a rather easygoing and tranquil soul. For one, he values his quiet and solitude. Time for observation and introspection is time well spent, and it's not unusual to find him on the fringes of a gathering, watching and listening and learning. However, he doesn't have any issues with actually interacting and is typically quite cordial when doing so. He has a subtle playful side, an inquisitive streak, and a genuine eagerness to help others.

On the whole, Espero maintains a very go-with-the-flow type of attitude. He's comfortable in a wide range of situations, and his exceptional memory helps his adaptability. Aside from seeing others in pain, it's hard to make him flustered or get an extreme reaction out of him. The connections he makes are very dear to him, and he takes great effort to keep them intact.

Yet, in the right circumstances, Espero can be vengeful, dispassionate, and relentless. His memory is equally good for keeping score when he (or someone else) has been slighted or wronged, and he'll enact his own brand of retribution if he feels it's necessary - though to what cost is a line that has yet to be tested.

History: Has a vague sense that he may have been someone with a fair amount of importance, but as to what position he may have held - and whether for good or ill - he can only guess. Standing tall and moving with confidence comes as naturally to him as slinking silently in the shadows, and the possible implications weigh on him greatly.

Available Forms: 1

Species: Zoroark
Gender: Male
Form Type: Imported (Starter)
Ability: Illusion - Once per thread, Espero may adopt the appearance of a chosen player character (and any items they have) within his line of sight at the time. This can happen at will and appears as if Espero transformed directly into that character. He can't actually use their items or their moves/abilities, only his own. Typically the illusion is broken if/when Espero is touched or dealt damage. However, illusions of ally characters will persist after one hit, then break with more. Switching forms will break Illusion regardless of contact/ally status.

[ Ally character conditions: this aspect is bond-based. Espero must have a friendly/positive relationship with the character and have completed 15 posts with them for it to apply. ]

Appearance: Espero stands at about the same height as an average Zoroark with much of the same lithe build, though his coloration is where his appearance differs further. Much of his fur is darker than usual, being a somewhat purple-tinted dark gray. His red facial markings are the same as a typical Zoroark's, but pale silver fur runs along his bottom jaw and the sides of his muzzle, stretching down his neck and torso. Tufts of longer fur grow out along the sides of his face, and a clump of short red hair hangs above his stone gray eyes. On the tips of his ears and from his lower legs down to his feet, his main fur coloring darkens to black.

Lastly, the bead in his hair is gold-colored rather than the usual teal - though evidently it isn't made of actual gold, as it's harder to damage. Currently it is smooth and polished, unmarred by any scratches, and Espero takes lengths to maintain this state as much as possible.

Clan: None yet
Residence: Cascade Falls

Dark Mega Stone (Shimmering Caverns) - 9 / 15 - [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ], [ 4 ], [ 5 ], [ 6 ], [ 7 ], [ 8 ], [ 9 ]
Rock Mega Stone (Shimmering Caverns) - [ locked ]
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