Morphic - Finished Thread aqua affinity ii // seiro & mizuka
Mizuka the Vaporeon
:: Water Absorb
The Vaporeon swims as quickly as she can. She doesn't quite know how far it is to shore, but the water around her seems to get shallower faster than she realized, until she can almost touch the ground beneath her feet.

And so, with one final check to make sure Seiro is still following her, Mizuka jumps out of the water and lands, with a flourish, onto the sand. Immediately, she's almost forced out of control by a personality she didn't even know existed. But she manages to hold it back, showing no signs of transformation just yet.

"So, I suppose this is where we part... hmm? I believe the others will want control soon."

[Lucario/Inner Focus

Seiro surfaces not far behind Mizuka, nodding to the Vaporeon in front of him. "I suppose so..." he says, looking over the lustrous, if wet, yellow fur of his Floatzel form. It's been nice, but he could go for a change of pace. He focuses, drawing out the glimmering, intense aura from within him.

His fur changes first, vibrant yellow giving way to equally vibrant cyan. The beige fur remains around his torso, and even fluffs up a little. The tube withers away, his two tails congealing into a single canine tail. The fur on his hands and feet recedes, leaving bare metal skin revealed to the world. And finally, his head shifts, the furry fin retracting in favor of a quartet of aura sensors.

Seiro has shifted back to his Lucario form.
Miki the Leafeon :: Leaf Guard

As soon as Seiro shifts back, Mizuka loosens her metaphorical grip over the metaphorical controller in response, and then immediately after that shift in her mind she transforms.

She seems to glow brightly, enveloped in light; her body changes shape, and the light fades, revealing autumnal leaves, all in a few moments.

Miki blinks repeatedly for a moment as she assumes control once again.

She shakes her body to get the residual moisture off her, and then starts to walk inland. She stops for a moment when she sees an uprooted tree, and then another...

"What happened there?" she asks nobody in particular.
[Lucario/Inner Focus]

Seiro walks up to the uprooted trees. "Earthquake would be my first guess. Maybe that's what we heard when we were underwater last night?" he suggests. "And even then...what could have caused this quake? Still no answers on that..."

The Lucario looks over the beach, a frown upon his muzzle in contemplation. The line of trees that used to separate the beach from the woods farther from the shore is now a series of toppled and uprooted trees, almost evoking the mental image of one object falling onto another, causing it to fall in sequence. The whole thing looks like some giant 'mon came through and wrecked the place. But that isn't possible. It's too outlandish to even be imaginable...right?
Miki the Leafeon :: Leaf Guard


Miki doesn't remember anything from when they were underwater - as a land-dwelling creature, she can't stand the feeling of being underwater for very long whatsoever.

"I wasn't paying much attention when we were in the water. I can't handle being underwater for too long. What could have caused it, I wonder..."

The Leafeon stops for a moment, and then continues walking... and then trips over an opened crack in the ground.

"Gah! What was that?!"

She pulls her forepaw out of the opening, and hops backward.

"Were these cracks here before, either?" she asks Seiro. "I don't think they were... I wonder what else has happened..."
[Lucario/Inner Focus]

Seiro blinks. "You don't remember? Last night, we went diving together, down to the reef. And there was a pretty loud tremor while we were down there."

The Lucario glances at the crack Miki's forepaw got stuck in. "Those cracks are new too...side effect of the quake, possibly? Really makes me wonder what even happened to this island..."

Just like he had observed underwater, Seiro notices the quake's effects here seem natural, but at the same time unnatural. Parts of it look like what he'd expect a quake to do. But then there are other parts, like the cleanly uprooted trees, that look more like some powerful force washed over the island from above ground. Who can tell? Certainly not this Lucario.
Miki the Leafeon :: Leaf Guard

Miki realizes something. Leafy ears droop as she realizes that the earthquake probably means her den has been destroyed, and with it the things she's gathered. She sighs, producing a noise that can only be identified as "sad leafycat noises".

"I say we keep exploring," she says, trying to keep her mind off that... depressing topic, and move her thoughts back to the other effects of the quake. "I want to head back to the forest; there's something I need to check on there," she adds. "Do you want to come with me?"

She starts, rather impatiently, to walk towards the forest, slowly at first, hoping Seiro will follow her lead.

[Lucario/Inner Focus]

Seiro blinks at Miki's sigh, wondering what may have gotten her into such a mood. Something about this quake must have upset her...but what? The Lucario glances around one last time, surveying the damage briefly before directing his attention back at the Leafeon.

"Er...sure," Seiro says, still a bit shocked at Miki's sudden depressed mood. Whatever this quake did, it must've been severe. And as much as he may want to ask about what she needs to look over, that'd just slow the both of them down and make it harder for them to check on things. And so Seiro wordlessly follows Miki deeper into the forest.

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