Morphic - Open Thread everybody was diamond mining
Rinna the Gardevoir
Ability: Synchronize

Rinna walks through the cave, not yet having made it very far from the entrance to the caverns. Unsure of where to go, she'd decided to take shelter from an incoming storm in a nearby cave. The recent tremors had caused a cave-in not too far from the entrance, blocking off one path; she'd stayed near the entrance for now, hoping there would be no more ceilings caving in.

As she conjures a will o' wisp to light her path, her psychic senses detect thunderclaps coming from the entrance, though the dim light still shining in gives her some reassurance that at least she won't get stuck in here. The storm must be rolling in now in full force. She'll just hope nobody hostile comes in...
Aaren the Aggron (Ability: Rock Head)
Post affects: Rinna

Between the claps of thunder, the sound of crunching gravel seems to draw closer. The cave entrance briefly darkens as a large bipedal figure makes its way in. Most of the figure is covered in dark hide, but spots of a shiny steel adorn its knees, elbows, and horned head. Water streams from its body and puddles around his feet as the Aggron heaves a rumbling sigh.

“Well, at least the rain is good for the plants,” he growls. Stretching his neck and looking around the cave, he sees the flicker of light from further down the tunnel. “Hello? Is someone there?” he calls out. He takes a few more steps down the tunnel to find the source of the strangely dancing glow, wary of the darkness.

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