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[Image: glaceon.png]
Natalya the Glaceon - Snow Cloak

A pale blue quadrupedal figure climbs up to the snow-capped regions of the mountain. The blizzard would freeze any of the others to death, and so Natalya made sure to keep herself in full control as she kept climbing. She decides to take a rest on a flat area under an overhang. Night will fall soon, she notes, given that it is getting darker... or is that just the blizzard getting more intense?

She doesn't know, and at this point she wouldn't mind either of those options, as long as she didn't get caught in pitch black darkness. She simply curls up on the ground and tries to rest.

She doesn't actually sleep, of course, she can't sleep with the strong winds blowing in her ears; she just lies there. Perhaps someone will find her there.

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